In Article 25 of the Annotated Code of Maryland, Article VII of the Charter adopted by county voters in 1968 the Howard County Personnel Board was created. The Board is composed of five members, four of whom are members of the public, and a fifth who is to be a member of the Classified Service in the County’s Merit System.

Among other duties, The Personnel Board reviews changes to the County’s Classification and Pay Plans; reviews rules prepared by the Personnel Officer that provide for the appointment, promotion, demotion, and separation of employees on the basis of merit; hears and decides appeals filed by classified employees and applicants; and reviews and comments on the Employee Manual.

Board Members

  • Vivian Lawyer (Chairperson)
  • Wayne Howard (Public Member)
  • Susan Mascaro (Public Member)
  • Kirk Thompson (Public Member)
  • Tyera Sheppard (Employee Member)
  • Nicholas Brightwell (Alternate Employee Member)
Meeting Agendas, Minutes, Classification & Pay Changes

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