Captain Warren Porter has been a member of HCDFRS since October 2009, a part of Trainee Class 25. He is currently the station captain at Waterloo (Station 12).

Captain Porter and son

Since he was a child, Captain Porter always wanted to ride on fire trucks. But what ultimately drove his desire to serve the community happened at a young age when he witnessed a neighbor go into cardiac arrest. He started volunteering at age 15 and learned to be a Firefighter/EMT.

Porter PPE

Captain Porter’s impressive resume includes Chair of the original Health and Wellness committee, serving on our Leadership, Education, Assessment, and Development (LEADS) committee, recruitment, attending leadership trainings/seminars such as the Dr. Carl Holmes Executive Development Institute (EDI), the Northern Virginia Fire and Rescue Leadership Development Institute (NVLDI).

Captain Porter training

Its about seeing others progress or talking with an individual that recently experienced a life altering medical event, watching them walk out of a hospital in good health. It's about the legacy, tradition, and culture, not the moment.

Captain Porter is an active member of our Phoenix Sentinels Group and serves as the treasurer, is a member of the Fire Officers Association, and supporter of the IAFF Union Local 2000. He has been a part of the Honor Guard since 2010 and is currently the Honor Guard Commander.

Captain Porter honor guard

As an officer, he takes pride in “building a company, mentoring, coaching, and empowering others and watching new firefighters develop.” He believes that veteran firefighters lead and play a huge part of younger firefighters’ growth into leadership.

12 crew

Captain Porter’s favorite part of the job was, is, and will always be, the ability to help others, both in the community and within the department. 

Porter promotion

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