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Replacement of bridge and road widening

About the Transportation & Special Projects Division

The Transportation and Special Projects Division consists of professional engineers and support staff managing the design and development of various infrastructure (storm drain, roads and bridges) as well as large park capital projects under the County's CIP program. The Division is responsible for many of the transportation infrastructure needs that are beyond the scope of the Bureau of Highways. Examples of specific work would include the replacement/rehabilitation of existing bridges, widening of existing roadways, installation of storm drains and storm water management in flood-prone areas and implementation of the County's WalkHoward Plan for sidewalk installation.

The Division, along with the Development Engineering Division of the Department of Planning and Zoning, is responsible for the development of the Howard County road, bridge, and storm drain system design standards as established in the Howard County Design Manual Volumes I and III

Review of private development impacts to the local transportation infrastructure and development of transportation planning studies for capital projects are also provided by this Division. 

The Transportation and Special Projects Division is also an active member of the design team for many State Highway Administration (SHA) projects within Howard County.

Select Capital Projects Currently in Design or Construction Phase
D1182 Orchard Ridge Drainage Improvements

A community meeting was held in late 2019 at Worthington Elementary School to discuss concepts developed for the Hale Haven and Garrian Orchards communities.  The information presented at the meeting can be found here: Hale Haven power point 

Land acquisition and design are currently underway for a new berm that would divert flows from residential areas.  If you have additional questions about this project, feel free to email the Project Manager, Mr. Marshall Davidson ([email protected]).

J4170 Rogers Avenue Improvements

A community outreach meeting was held in September 2021 at the Roger Carter Community Center to discuss the plans for the complete streets-related capital project along Rogers Avenue.  These improvements include new 5' sidewalk on both sides of the road, pedestrian crossings at Oak West Drive and Linwood Drive, bike lanes as well as other storm drain and storm water management enhancements.

Each of the displays presented at the meeting can be found below:

  1. Rogers Avenue improvements with aerial overlay
  2. Project rendering
  3. Rogers Avenue plan view
  4. Pavement comparison summary

If you have additional questions about the project, feel free to email the project manager, Mr. Thomas Auyeung, at [email protected]

J4202 Stephens Road Bridge Replacement

Update (Aug. 2021)

Phase 2 of the capital project (construction of western half of the bridge) is currently underway. The bridge deck concrete pour is complete; remaining work includes: superstructure, roadway fill, paving and sidewalk along the southbound portion which is to be completed by the end of August.

Vehicular traffic is scheduled to be shifted to the newly built portion of roadway in early September to allow the contractor to build the sidewalk along the northbound portion and finish grading of the shoulder areas.  In early October, the contractor will complete the concrete median areas. This project also includes rehabilitation and grading of the existing storm water management facility behind the Hammonds Promise Overlook community. The entire project is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2021.

Recent construction photos can be found here:

Stephens Construction Photos

Replacement of the existing bridge over the Hammond Branch of the Little Patuxent River.  Included in the project is continuous sidewalk construction along both sides of Stephens between Whiskey Bottom Road and Gorman Road.  Bicycle accommodation along roadway is also included.

Estimated cost of project: $5-10M

Actual construction start: Summer 2020

Estimated construction completion: Fall/Winter 2021

Displays presented at 3/7/2018 public meeting can be found here: 

Display 1: Stephens Road Improvements

Display 2: Stephens Road Typical Section

J4207 Oakland Mills Road Improvements

This capital project will improve Oakland Mills Road between Guilford Road and Berger Road.  Improvements include: sidewalk and ADA ramps, bicycle compatibility, road widening, storm drain/storm water management and a new traffic signal at the Guilford Road intersection.  Construction of Phase 1 is underway and will be complete by mid to late June of 2022.  

A display summarizing improvements to be completed under Phase 1 can be found here:

Phase 1 of Oakland Mills Road Impvts

J4212-10 MD 103 at US 1 Intersection Improvements

Geometric improvements of MD 103 (Meadowridge Road) at US 1 (Washington Blvd) in Elkridge.  Project will provide additional turning lanes on the east and west legs of the intersection.  Also included in the project are bike and pedestrian acccessibility improvements.

Estimated cost of project: $2.5M

Overall project anticipated completion: 2022

Graphics presented at 3/7/19 public meeting can be found here:

Display 1: Overall plan

Display 2: Typical sections

Display 3: Sample bioswale exhibit

J4222 Snowden River Parkway Widening

Widening of Snowden River Parkway between Oakland Mills Road and Broken Land Parkway.

Project will be phased with new third left turn lane to be constructed in Summer of 2018

Estimated Cost of 3rd left turn lane: $750,000

Estimated Cost of Overall Project: $30M

Overall project anticipated completion: 2023

Displays presented at 2/28/18 public meeting can be found here:

Display 1: Overall roadway plan

Display 2: Third left turn lane

Display 3: BLP at MD 32 improvements

Display 4: Typical section

Display 5: Turning movements at Lincoln Tech

J4230 Sanner Road Improvements

Widening of Sanner Road between Johns Hopkins Road and Guilford Road to include accommodation for bike lanes per the County's Bicycle Master Plan.

Estimated cost of construction: $2.65M

Estimated construction start: 2020 (pending available funding)

Displays presented at 3/6/2018 public meeting can be found here:

Sanner Road Typical Section

Sanner Road Concept Plan

J4248 Savage Area Complete Streets

Capital project includes complete streets improvements in Savage, Maryland to enhance multimodal travel for pedestrians, bicyclists, transit, and automobiles. Environmental site design practices will also be implemented along the roadsides to provide management of stormwater runoff.

Construction of Phases 1 and 2 are complete.  Phase 3 construction will begin in late August 2021.  Plans for the pending improvements for Phase 3 can be found here:

Phase 3 construction drawings


J4251 Lime Kiln Road Improvements

Roadway improvements along Lime Kiln Road between MD216 and Holly Manor Way to enhance driver safety and stream/storm water drainage.

Estimated cost of project: $1M-$2M

Estimated construction start: Spring 2021

Estimated construction completion: Fall 2021

Displays presented at 12/19/2019 public meeting held at Fulton Middle School can be found here:

Display 1: Lime Kiln Plan and Typical Section

Display 2: Proposed Detour Plan

K5061-209 Frederick Road Sidewalk

Capital Project for pedestrian and bicyclist improvements along Frederick Road between Gray Rock Drive and Centennial Lane.

Displays presented at the 03/12/2020 community outreach meeting held at Centennial Lane Elementary School can be found here:

Display 1: Sidewalk Typical Sections

Display 2: Aerial graphic with improvements

Other Capital Projects
Currently in The Construction Phase

The above reflects some projects in the design or construction phase.  For additional information about the status of other projects currently under construction, please visit the DPW Home Page and click on the "Construction Projects" tab where you can filter the projects by type.

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