The Local Health Improvement Coalition (LHIC) works to improve health outcomes and reduce health disparities in Howard County. Participation is sought from individuals and organizations that seek to ensure access to programs and services that support our vision of equitable health outcomes for all.

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Howard County’s Local Health Improvement Coalition (HCLHIC) works to achieve health equity in Howard County and to identify and reduce health disparities.


All residents of Howard County will have access to health care and health outcomes will be equitable for all.


HCLHIC initiatives will:

  • be evidenced-based and/or focused on research-supported promising practices.
  • seek to address structural, cultural, and other social determinants of health.
  • be inclusive of Howard County’s diverse community and all stakeholders have a voice.
  • be collaborative and transparent.
Priority Areas

The Howard County Local Health Improvement Coalition (HCLHIC) identified four priority areas for the 2018-2020 Action Plan:

  • Access to Care: Reduce Emergency Department visits for diabetes, hypertension, and asthma in Howard County and increase the number of Howard County children and adults who access dental care annually;
  • Behavioral Health: Reduce Emergency Department visits related to mental health conditions and addiction-related conditions; and reduce suicide rates in Howard County;
  • Healthy Aging: Reduce Alzheimer’s and dementia-related emergencies and reduce fall-related deaths in Howard County; and,
  • Healthy Weight: Reduce obesity in Howard County.

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