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As the Local Franchising Authority, Howard County Government is authorized to enforce FCC rules and guidelines in the following areas:

  • Customer service, complaints about bills, or a cable operator's response to inquiries about signal quality or service requests
  • Franchise fees, which the cable company pays the Local Franchising authority for the right to access public rights of way to offer cable service
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Customer Information


Programming Expirations
To keep customers informed of pending programming contract expirations, Comcast has provided the following ways for customers to remain informed. Customers may call 866-216-8634 for a recorded update of pending expirations or visit this information website.

Comcast Internet Security Information
Get support for internet security, help, hours of operation, and security tips. Call 888-565-4329 or visit Xfinity's support website.

Storm Ready
Comcast/Xfinity is committed to helping you stay connected. Be ready no matter the weather. Call 888-739-1379 or visit Xfinity's store reamdy website.

Rate Increases

Comcast Customer Lobby
7351 Assateague Drive
Jessup, MD 20794


Copper Line Phone Service
Verizon is changing their Copper Line Phone Service. View the full report.

Rate Increases

Verizon Customer Lobby
Verizon Authorized Retailer - Victra
9337 Baltimore National Pike
Ellicott City, MD 21042

Verizon Customer Service

Cable Issues & Complaints

The Office of Cable Administration investigates cable related complaints and negotiates corrective action with the cable providers. To report a cable issue or complaint concerning cable providers in Howard County, please fill out the form below.

Public Access Cable Channel Programming Grants

Twice each year, the office accepts grant applications from County residents to produce community-based programming for Public Access Cable Channel 98. When announced, please call the office to request an application.

Public, Education, Government (PEG) Channels
Public, Education, Government (PEG) Channels Comcast Verizon
Board of Education 95 42
Government TV 99 44
Howard Community College 96 41
Public Access 98 n/a
Federal Communications Commission

Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau
Customer Inquiries and Complaint Division
445 12th Street S.W. Washington, DC 20554

Maryland Public Service Commission

6 St. Paul Street, 12th Floor
Baltimore, MD 21202

Frequently Asked Questions
Who determines cable regulation and deregulation?

The Federal Government determines cable regulation and deregulation.

Who should I contact if I have a dispute with my cable provider?

You must first contact your provider and try to resolve the problem.  Be sure to keep a record of the names, telephone numbers and dates of all conversations you have with the Company’s representatives.

What if I am unable to resolve the issue with my cable provider?

If you are unable to resolve the issue, you may file a complaint with the Howard County Office of Cable Administration. To file a compliant, click below to access our online form or call (410)-313-3318.

How do I file a complaint against my Internet Service Provider?

Because internet services are not regulated, we have no authority over Comcast or Verizon’s Internet service. However, we may be able to assist with customer service related issues. If you experience a problem with your broadband service and can’t resolve it with your provider, you may file a complaint with the FCC.

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