The Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) provides advice to Howard County agencies, Boards, Commissions, and property owners regarding historic sites and historic districts and is the steward of the historic preservation plan. It determines if exterior changes to a local historic district or historic structure comply with local plans and issues certificates of approval for all exterior changes, such as, new construction, historic building relocation, demolition, repair or alteration of any structure and other changes that impact the appearance of a historic district or site. The Commission also assists with identifying historic resources on sites and provides advice regarding the design of development.

December 7, 2023 Historic Preservation Commission Meeting Information

Meeting Information

The Commission will conduct their regular December meeting as a virtual meeting on December 7, 2023 at 7:00 pm, where the public is invited to speak on the agenda items. 

The Historic Preservation Commission meeting on December 7, 2023 at 7:00 pm will be a WebEx meeting only. If you would like to testify, you must pre-register so you can be identified during the WebEx meeting.  Please see the “Providing Testimony” tab for additional instructions.


Registering or Joining by Telephone

Registering for the Meeting:

Join the meeting via computer: If you would like to join the meeting through your computer to view and hear the presentations, you will need to register. Once registered, further instructions and a call-in attendee number will be provided via email.

Register Here:


Join the meeting via telephone only: If you only want to listen to the meeting and are not providing testimony call 1-650-479-3207 at the meeting time.  When prompted, insert  2318 664 3829 as the event access code. After entering the event access, a password may be required – please enter 62773396 from phones.



Providing Testimony

Providing testimony:

Oral Testimony - Those who wish to provide oral testimony are required to sign up online by noon on December 7, 2023. Please follow the instructions for registering on the “Registering” tab, where there will be an option to sign-up to testify. After you register through WebEx, please email [email protected] by noon on December 7 with the case information that you wish to testify on. Per HPC Rule of Procedure 102.B, only those parties who registered in advance of the December 7, 2023 meeting may participate in the proceedings by asking questions and giving testimony.    

Submitting Documentary Evidence

Documentary Evidence – Documentary evidence must be submitted by noon on December 7. All documents must be submitted in a pdf format to [email protected] (please contact HPC staff at the above email address for questions/assistance). Anyone submitting evidence must participate in the virtual meeting and present the evidence or it will not be incorporated into the record.

Current Agenda/Staff Report & Exhibits

December 7 Agenda


Minor Alteration Determinations

The Executive Secretary has determined that the following applications are considered minor alterations and do not require a Certificate of Approval from the Commission. Each application will be posted on this website for 5 days.

If any member of the public, or any member of the Historic Preservation Commission, objects to a determination below, please email the Executive Secretary at [email protected] within the 5 days of posting. Any application that is subject to an objection will be reviewed by the Historic Preservation Commission at the next regularly scheduled meeting for which legal advertising obligations have been met. More information on the Minor Alteration Process can be found here: Minor Alterations Code

Current Applications for Minor Alterations and Tax Credit Pre-Approval:

8186 Main Street, Ellicott City - posted 11/28/2023




Application Submissions

The Department has established new procedures to streamline the processing of Historic Preservation Commission applications. Please review the Application Submission Procedures to ensure your application is properly submitted and can therefore be reviewed by the Commission.

Review the Application Submission Procedures here

Additional Information


Meeting Schedule & Application Deadlines



2023 HPC Meeting and Deadline Schedule


2024 HPC Meeting Schedule

If you have an emergency, please contact Samantha Holmes at 410-313-2350 or [email protected].*

Unless otherwise noted, all meetings will begin at 7:00 p.m.

Download printable schedule for 2023

Download printable schedule for 2024

Link to main Historic Preservation page.


Design Guidelines


Rules of Procedure


View the Commission's Rules of Procedure: Rules of Procedure


Application Forms


The Historic Preservation Commission reviews several types of applications, including applications for Certificates of Approval to make exterior alterations to properties within a local historic district, applications for Historic Property Tax Credits and applications for Advisory Comments to properties under going subdivision or site development plans that contain a historic property.  


Board Members

  • Erica Zoren, Chair
  • Julianne Danna, Vice Chair
  • Ellen Flynn Giles
  • Cathy Allen
  • Ben Barlow

Staff Contact


Samantha Holmes, Department of Planning and Zoning


Margaret Stella Melikian, Department of Planning and Zoning


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