Bag-It Days

Bag-It Days is a special promotion that the Bureau of Environmental Services conducts in September. Instead of the traditional bulk sales of our compost, mulch and blended topsoil, all of our products are sold by the bag/tub. This is to allow residents who want to use our Made Locally / Spread Locally products in smaller quantities than by the cubic yard.

When Bag-It Days are not being held, we still sell our products, including our HoCoGro Compost, by the cubic yard throughout the year. We even have a list of contractors who will deliver the product directly to your door. Autumn is a great time to prepare your beds for the spring, or to aerate and top-dress your lawn with compost. Remember that by adding diverse organic community to your lawn, you are encouraging the natural mineral-releasing biome in your soil. By top-dressing your lawn with compost instead of chemical fertilizers, you will strengthenand produce better and more disease resistant grass and garden plants. For best results, both existing and new topsoil should have 5% or more organic matter to promote healthy root structure and improve water retention.

Compost Bin Demonstrations

Attend a compost demo for how-to advice by Howard County Master Gardeners (starting in April). Feed your garden organically, recycle kitchen scraps and yard trimmings and improve your soil's health! FREE compost bins for Howard County residents.

Master Gardeners' Website

Backyard Composting

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Rain Barrel Demonstrations

Rain barrels are a great tool to reduce stormwater pollution and conserve treated tap water. The Bureau of Environmental Services and the Howard County Master Gardeners have partnered together to provide free rain barrel workshops and giveaways to Howard County residents.

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Virtual Tours


Learn all about Howard County's third public landfill open to both commercial and residential customers. In this virtual tour of Alpha Ridge Landfill you get a behind the scenes look at our Transfer Station, Wood Waste Drop-off Area and our state-of-the-art Composting Facility. 

Explore the many drop-off recycling opportunities available at the Residents' Convenience Center with our virtual tour or use it to plan your next trip out to Alpha Ridge Landfill.


Alpha Ridge Landfill Guided Tour


Schedule a tour of the Residents' Convenience Center, our state-of-the-art Composting Facility or both! Bureau staff will guide your group and discuss what is collected and what happens to all those items. Tours are typically scheduled Monday-Friday between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Contact us to schedule.

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