Farmers Market

A “farmer’s market” means a place where a person offers or sells one or more of the following food products to the public (Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR)

  • Raw agricultural products such as fruits, vegetables, and grains supplied directly from a farm;
  • Eggs sold in compliance with COMAR and with Maryland Department of Agriculture regulations for the sale of eggs at Farmers Markets
  • Commercially processed non-potentially hazardous pre-packaged and bottled products
  • Cottage food produced in accordance with COMAR

To apply for a license to sell at a farmer’s market, complete and submit the application at this link at least two weeks prior to the event: Farmer’s Market Food Service Facility License Application with Standards for the Dispensing of Food from Temporary Facilities.

Cottage Food Businesses

If you are a cottage food business and wish to sell your products to a licensed retail store (grocery store), please review the Guidelines for Cottage Food Businesses, Then, visit the MDH Cottage Food website for the requirements and complete​ the MDH Cottage Foods Sold at Retail Business Request intake form​. Your submitted documents will be reviewed by the Maryland Department of Health.

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