Who should plan?

  • Anyone at any age!
  • Older adults
  • Individuals with disabilities
  • Family or friends providing assistance to older adults or individuals with disabilities.
  • Those being discharged from a hospital with long-term needs.

Why plan?

  • To understand your options so that you can prepare financially for the cost of services.
  • To make sure your loved ones understand your preferences and goals.
  • To get organized and make decisions before a crisis.
  • To find services in the location where you need them.

Where can you get started?

Contact your MAP office at 410-313-1234 and ask to schedule a planning session with the MAP Options Counselor.

What Happens During an Options Counseling Session?

  1. You will develop your long-term service goals based on your goals, preferences and values.
  2. You and the Options Counselor will discuss potential options that may help you meet your goals. Services may be a mix of informal, public and private pay options.
  3. The Options Counselor will work with you to create your action plan: “My Road MAP” including your next steps

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