How We Can Help!

  • Our Business Services Team will work with you to determine the best approach in meeting your needs and providing solutions to save your business time, money and valuable resources—at no cost.
  • We offer no-cost evaluations and assessments to ensure your candidate selection meets your expectations.  
  • No matter your industry size or business needs, our team can help by connecting you to our diverse pipeline of talent to meet workforce needs.
Business Services
For additional information or assistance, contact the Business Services by phone at

Assessment Services

IBM’s ProveIt! assessments are available to businesses to evaluate existing workers or job candidates!

  • With hundreds of validated assessments to choose from in virtually any business and industry setting, ProveIt! adds a level of assurance in the candidate assessment or training process.
  • Confidential testing is available at no charge and the results are sent directly to the hiring manager. 
  • Candidates can be screened at the job site or at our offices. Businesses are encouraged to establish assessment baseline testing results with their existing workers so that candidate results are evaluated within their company’s norm.
  • The assessment results are translated into a candidate strength and development profile. This information can be used along with the company’s other candidate screening methods to help the company find the right person for the job. 

Additional Business Services

  • We can give you access to thousands of local and national job seekers using our free online jobs database.
  • Receive help with recruitment, screening, and referral of qualified, motivated job applicants.
  • Let us share the latest labor market information, trends, and analysis, so you remain competitive.
  • Take advantage of our on-site resource center with access to various resources for your business needs.
  • Let us help you in conducting job fairs, recruitment, and other hiring activities.
  • Get information on possible workforce training funding opportunities.
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Services offered by the Howard County Office of Workforce Development are supported by the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration as part of awards totaling $2,933,986 with 0% financed from non-governmental sources.

For additional information or assistance, contact the Business Services by phone at

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