The Office of Workforce development is excited to offer Apprenticeship opportunities as another tool to help businesses build their talent pipeline and contribute to the growth and retention of employees. We partner with organizations, sponsors, and educational institutions to connect, support, and ensure the success of apprentices.

This initiative supports Howard County businesses in over 230 traditional and non-traditional occupations. You do not need to have prior experience in a field or occupation to begin an apprenticeship! Our program is intensive, and requires apprentices to be committed to both, on-the-job-training, and in the classrooms.

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Apprenticeships for Business

Benefits for business includes:

  • Create highly skilled employees
  • Increased retention
  • Reduce Turnover costs
  • Attract women, minorities, and veterans
  • Access to local Federal and State resources
  • Fill vacant positions

REGISTERED APPRENTICESHIP is an industry-driven model proven to attract, train, and retain a highly skilled workforce.

Registered apprenticeships increase productivity for companies and reduce turnover costs*

*According to US Department of Labor statistics, 91% of apprentices remain on the job one year after employment, and report high levels of loyalty and motivation.

*Return of Investment for Businesses: For every dollar spent on apprenticeship, U.S. employers get $1.47 back in increased productivity.

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Benefits for apprentices include:

  • Apprentices Earn-as-they-Learn
  • Get college credit and certification
  • Acquire a skill skill that leads to a career
  • No education debts/loans
  • National credential

    Attention Apprentices!

    Have a career path in mind? Here you will find apprenticeship opportunities near you.

    The Maryland Apprenticeship Locator is designed to help you find programs near you that are currently seeking to hire apprentices:

    DEPARTMENT OF LABOR  MDApprenticeship.com

    Also, you can check new opportunities here:


    Note:  The Howard County Office of Workforce Development does not place individuals into apprenticeship programs. Businesses and/or sponsors hire apprentices directly. YOU must contact and apply directly to find out the application requirements

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For more information: Apprenticeship Coordinator by phone at , or Email

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