Cycle2Health (C2H) is a non-competitive, peer-led, bicycling club for adults of all ages and riding abilities, coordinated by the Health Promotion and Nutrition Division of the Office on Aging & Independence.

Registration for the 2024 riding season is now open and ongoing until the end of the season.  Click here to register.      

You must register for C2H and review the Bicycle Guidelines before you can participate in rides.  A $15 fee will be collected at the time of registration (renewed annually).   

For all rides, arrive 15 minutes before ride start time to ensure an on-time start. Bring: a water bottle as water fountains may not be accessible on rides; sunscreen, and tools to change a tire; a cell phone if you have one, and identification including emergency contact information. 

To view upcoming rides for the 2024 riding season, click here.

Rides are subject to change. Ride updates, details, and cancellations will be sent through the C2H Listserv. To join, email cycle2healthhowardcounty@gmail.com with "Add to Listserv" in the subject and/or the body of the email. 


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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I stay connected and updated?


Registered participants are encouraged to join the Cycle2Health Listserv to receive ride updates and cancellation notices. To join, email cycle2healthhowardcounty@gmail.com.

C2H uses a Ride with GPS club account for mobile cycling navigation and planning.  The club account provides access to the ride library, turn-by-turn voice navigation, offline maps, advanced turn notifications on Garmin files, PDF maps/cue sheets, and estimated time on C2H routes. To request to join the C2H Ride with GPS club account, click here.   

Click here to view C2H photos. 

Registered participants may opt to join the associated Google Group, Seniorbikers (not affiliated with the Office on Aging and Independence) to access ride cue sheets and connect with other riders. Click here to request to join the Google Group.  Email edwarner@hotmail.com with questions about Seniorbikers.




Where and when do rides take place?


Rides take place during the week, during daytime hours, and depart from various locations within Maryland. Rides typically depart in the morning, with the exact departure time varying by route and season. Plan to arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled ride time to prepare yourself and bicycle for an on-time start. 

C2H conducts a “no drop” ride policy which means no rider is left behind. In the event a rider needs to leave a ride early, another rider will be assigned to stay with the individual.


How do I know which rides are right for me?


To provide an opportunity for safe and enjoyable riding for all C2H participants, three different level rides are offered each week throughout the riding season:

Casual Rides are less than 12 miles on relatively flat terrain at a relaxed pace. These rides are on pathways, trails or quiet residential streets with frequent re-grouping.

Casual/Moderate Rides are 10 to 20 miles and could have flat terrain or moderate hills with a relaxed pace. Riders should be comfortable riding in some traffic and should know basic group riding etiquette.

Moderate Rides are less than 20 miles at 10-12 MPH with some moderate short hills and maybe a longer hill. Moderate riders should be comfortable riding in some traffic and should know basic group riding etiquette.

Moderate/Advanced Rides are over 20 miles at 10-12 MPH.  Could include moderate to steep hills with limited rest stops.  Riders should be comfortable riding in traffic and should know basic group riding etiquette.  Riders should also be aware of their riding ability and limitations before participation.

Advanced Rides are over 20 miles at 13-15 MPH and will include moderate to steep hills with limited rest stops. Riders should be aware of their riding ability and limitations before participating in an advanced ride.

Cue sheets will be made available in advance of the ride and riders are encouraged to drive the route to determine if the route is appropriate for them. Riders just getting back to riding or those who haven’t had experience riding in a group venue are encouraged to start with the Casual Ride group.


What is the C2H inclement weather policy?


In the event of inclement weather, C2H will follow the inclement weather policy outlined below.  The policy was developed with reference to local, state, and federal government resources and partners to help ensure safety among C2H participants.  Certain forecasts will require ride cancellation, while at other times cautionary discretion will be advised.  In cases of cautionary discretion, a ride leader will determine if a ride will be offered considering the unique characteristics of that ride.  We ask that rider leaders and riders stay informed of current weather forecasts through direction and forecasting from the National Weather Service in order to recognize potential hazards and, considering personal health and riding experience, make an informed decision whether one should participate in a ride.  Participants are strongly encouraged to join the C2H list serve for information regarding ride updates and cancellations. To join, email cycle2healthhowardcounty@gmail.com

When to Use Cautionary Discretion

Wind: 15 mph sustained winds for the period/duration of the ride

Rain/ Storms: Precipitation forecasts of ≥40% OR a Flash Flood Watch has been issued for the period/duration of the ride

Extreme Heat: Heat index is expected to reach 104 for the period/duration of the ride

Air Quality: Air quality index forecast of Yellow OR Orange for the period/duration of the ride

When Will Rides Be Cancelled?

Wind: ≥ 20 mph sustained winds AND/OR a Wind Advisory has been issued for the period/duration of the ride

Rain/ Storms: Precipitation forecasts of ≥60%, AND/OR a Severe Thunderstorm Watch, AND/OR Tornado/Hurricane Watch, OR a Flash Flood Watch, OR a Winter Storm Warning has been issued for the period/duration of the ride

Extreme Heat: Heat Advisory has been issued for the period/duration of the ride

Air Quality: Air quality index forecast of Red OR higher for the period/duration of the ride



Can I bring a guest on a C2H ride?


Yes. Guests are welcome on Cycle2Health rides. They must sign a waiver to participate on the ride. Guests and unregistered participants must register after one ride to continue participating.



Are there instructional opportunities for new participants or those new to riding?


Instructional clinics are available at various times during the riding season. The instructional clinics focus on bike control, bike safety, rules of the road, and group riding etiquette. C2H registration is required to participate in the instructional clinics.


What equipment is necessary to participate?


Each participant provides their own bicycle*, helmet, water, spare tube, bicycle air pump, tools to change a flat tire, and snack/lunch money as rides may conclude with a lunch outing. Each participant should wear a road ID on all rides. A courtesy road ID is given to participants upon registration.

*A bike with a solid frame that is fitted for your height and equipped with multiple gears to assist in managing hills. Bicycles should be in working order to ensure safe and enjoyable riding for both the participant and group. We welcome e-bikes on rides; please notify your ride leader that you use one on ride day & select the appropriate ride level for yourself.


What should I wear?


Dress for the weather, layers may be necessary in the spring and fall months. A neon, or other brightly colored shirt or jacket is recommended.


Where can I find ride leader information?


If you would like to learn more about becoming a ride leader, contact Rachel Filar at rfilar@howardcountymd.gov

If you are a current ride leader, please click here for all necessary information and important documents.

For more information, contact:

Rachel Filar (410) 313-6073 or rfilar@howardcountymd.gov

If you need accommodations to participate, contact MAP @ 410-313-1234 one week prior to scheduled event.

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