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Designing and Constructing for Howard County
Bid Results
EOI Solicitation Number Date Opened Solicitation Title
EOI-01-2017 Bid Results 02/22/17 Master Plan for Ellicott City and the Tiber-Hudson Watershed
EOI-02-2017 Bid Results 06/21/17 Architectural Services for a Variety of Building Types
EOI-03-2017 Bid Results 04/26/17 Consultant Services for Water and Wastewater Facilities Engineering Design Services (WWFEDS)
EOI-04-2017 Bid Results 06/14/17 Stormwater  and Watershed Management Evaluation and Design Services
EOI-01-2018 Bid Results 09/20/17 Howard County Circuit Courthouse Project
EOI-02-2018 Bid Results 09/13/17 Consultant Services for: Water and Sewer Main Engineering Design Services (WSMEDS)
EOI-03-2018 Bid Results 06/27/18 Stormwater Facilities Management Inspection Requirements Contract
EOI-04-2018 Bid Results 05/30/18 Guilford Elevated Water Tank Engineering Design Services, Capital Project No. W8262
EOI-01-2019 Bid Results 10/03/18 Elkridge Main Street Small Area Plan Consultant Services
EOI-02-2019 Bid Results 10/31/18 Carbon Fiber Repair of Pipelines and Structures
EOI-03-2019 Bid Results 10/24/18 Failure Risk Analysis for Pipelines and Other Miscellaneous Structures
EOI-04-2019 Bid Results 11/21/18 Organics Marketing and Operations Advisement
EOI-05-2019 Bid Results 12/05/18 Pipeline Inspections, Monitoring and Assessment (PIMA)
EOI-06-2019 Bid Results 01/10/19 Complete Streets and Shared-Use Pathway Planning and Design
EOI-07-2019 Bid Results 02/13/19 Environmental Investigation and Compliance
EOI-09-2019 Bid Results 06/05/19 Patuxent Branch Trail Design
EOI-11-2019 Bid Results 07/24/19 Little Patuxent Water Reclamation Plant Facility Plan Engineering Services
EOI-02-2020 Bid Results 08/21/19 General Plan Update
EOI-03-2020 Bid Results 12/18/19 General Civil Engineering and Surveying Services
EOI-04-2020 Bid Results 12/11/19 On-Call Design, Engineering, Construction, Inspection, and Administrative Services
EOI-05-2020 Bid Results 02/26/20 NPDES Watershed Management Program / NPDES Municipal Permit Annual Requirements
EOI-06-2020 Bid Results 05/20/20 Traffic and Transportation Engineering Services
EOI-07-2020 Bid Results 08/12/20 On-Call Construction Inspection, Engineering & Administrative Services
EOI-09-2020 Bid Results 08/19/20

Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments

EOI-01-2021 Bid Results 05/12/21 Ellicott City North Tunnel Final Design Services
EOI-01-2022 Bid Results 08/11/21

Ellicott City North Tunnel Owner's Representative

EOI-02-2022 Bid Results 09/01/21 Site and Landscape Design


* Please visit our ebidding portal PlanetBids to view bid results from electronic bids.

IFB Solicitation Number Date Opened Solicitation Title
IFB-2017-04 Bid Results 06/28/17 Western Regional Park: Wastewater Treatment Plant (Capital Project C-0317-317)
IFB-2017-23 Bid Results 12/14/16 Savage Area Sewer Realignment (Capital Project S-6290)
IFB-2017-24 Bid Results 11/09/16 Oakland Water Tank Cleaning and Coating (Re-Bid) 
IFB-2017-25 Bid Results 11/16/16 Body and Frame Repair Services Automobiles, Trucks and Heavy Equipment
IFB-2017-26 Bid Results 11/16/16 Janitorial Supplies, General Line
IFB-2017-27 Bid Results 11/09/16 Street Sweeping Services
IFB-2017-28 Bid Results 11/16/16 Video Inspection of Sanitary Sewer Mains
IFB-2017-34 Bid Results 11/23/16 In-Home Health Care Services
IFB-2017-37 Bid Results 01/12/17 Cell 1 Landfill Gas Collection System Expansion (Capital Project C-0299)
IFB-2017-40 Bid Results 02/22/17 Integrated Curbside Refuse & Recycling Collection Services, Zones: TRZ-2, TRZ-3, TRZ-12, TRZ-15
IFB-2017-44 Bid Results 03/08/17 Turf Valley Road Sewer Extension, Capital Project No. S-6293
IFB-2017-53 Bid Results 04/19/17 Little Patuxent Water Reclamation Plant Influent Pumping Station Pump Replacement 
IFB-2017-56 Bid Results 03/29/17 Waste Hauling Services - Alpha Ridge Landfill 
IFB-2017-63 Bid Results 05/03/17 On-Call Sewer Rehabilitation Construction (OCSRC) Capital Project No. S-6232
IFB-2018-05 Bid Results 07/26/17 Sylvan Lane Interceptor Sewer Improvements Capital Project No. S-6283
IFB-2018-10 Bid Results 09/13/17 Composting Facility Phase IIA at Alpha Ridge Landfill: Capital Project No. C-0299
IFB-2018-11 Bid Results 11/22/17 Middle Patuxent Environmental Area Site Improvements, Capital Project No. N-3965
IFB-2018-19 Bid Results 10/11/17 Whiskey Bottom Road Water Pumping Station Replacement, Capital Project No. W-8320
IFB-2018-20 Bid Results 09/27/17 Underground Water Storage Tanks for Fire Suppression: Capital Project No. F-5972
IFB-2018-26 Bid Results 02/07/18 Dorsey Run Wastewater Pumping Station Upgrade: Capital Project No. S-6286 
IFB-2018-34 Bid Results 02/21/18 Levering Avenue, Gun Road & Park Entrance Water Main Replacement Capital Project W-8300
IFB-2018-36 Bid Results 02/07/18 Integrated Curbside Refuse and Recycling Collection Services Zones TRZ-7, TRZ-8, TRZ-10
IFB-2018-37 Bid Results 02/21/18 Underground Water Storage Tanks for Fire Suppression: Capital Project No. F-5972 
IFB-2018-42 Bid Results 03/14/18 Blandair Park Phase III: Capital Project No. N-3102
IFB-2018-43 Bid Results 02/28/18 Broken Land Parkway 30-inch Water Transmission Main Extension Capital Project No. W-8307


* Please visit our ebidding portal PlanetBids to view bid results from electronic bids.

RFP Solicitation Number Date Opened Solicitation Title
RFP-02-2017 Bid Results 08/31/16 Bike Share Pilot Program
RFP-03-2017 Bid Results 10/26/16 Group Basic Life/ADD/Supplemental Life/LTD
RFP-04-2017 Bid Results 09/21/16 Disaster Recovery Consulting Services
RFP-05-2017 Bid Results 10/26/17 Financial Advisory Services
RFP-06-2017 Bid Results 02/15/17 Design/Build Services: Font Hill Tributary Stream Restoration Centennial Lane West
RFP-07-2017 Bid Results 03/01/17 Fiber Emergency Maintenance, Construction and Locate Services
RFP-08-2017 Bid Results 02/08/17 Police Department Workload & Staffing Analysis
RFP-09-2017 BidResults 02/15/17 Large Cold Water Meters
RFP-10-2017 Bid Results 02/15/17 Auditing Services 
RFP-11-2017 Bid Results 02/15/17 Environmental Landscaping Services
RFP-12-2017 Bid Results 04/12/17 Capital Lease Finance Consulting
RFP-14-2017 Bid Results 05/31/17 Web Based Benefits Enrollment System
RFP-01-2018 Bid Results 07/26/17 Biosolids Management - Little Patuxent Water Reclamation Plant 
RFP-02-2018 Bid Results 04/11/18 Elevator Maintenance, Repair & Modernization
RFP-03-2018 Bid Results 09/13/17 Groundwater Remediation System Hardware/Software Modernization
RFP-04-2018 Bid Results 09/20/17 Time and Attendance Management Solution 
RFP-05-2018 Bid Results 08/30/17 Household Hazardous Waste and Related Services
RFP-06-2018 Bid Results 08/30/17 Howard County Equity Report 
RFP-07-2018 Bid Results 02/21/18 Trail Construction Services 
RFP-08-2018 Bid Results 11/01/17 Comprehensive Move Management Services 
RFP-09-2018 Bid Results 01/03/18 Promotional Testing Services for the Department of Police
RFP-11-2018 Bid Results 02/07/18 Non-Emergency Transportation Services for Medicaid Recipients 
RFP-12-2018 Bid Results 02/14/18 Evaluation of Howard County's Head Start Program 
RFP-13-2018 Bid Results 02/21/18 Environmental Landscaping Services
RFP-14-2018 Bid Results 04/18/18 Master Plan for Route 1 Corridor Consulting Services
RFP-15-2018 Bid Results 04/04/18 Special Pension Counsel Services 
RFP-21617-2018 Bid Results 04/25/18 Real Estate Services for Residential Rental Properties 
RFP-16-2018 Bid Results 05/16/18 Custodial Services
RFP-18-2018 Bid Results 06/06/18 Voluntary Benefits Program Management
RFP-19-2018 Bid Results 06/13/18 Environmental Hazard Abatement Services
RFP-01-2019 Bid Results 08/29/18 Fiscal Impact Analysis Consultant Services
RFP-02-2019 Bid Results 09/19/18 Investment Advisory Consultant Services
RFP-03-2019 Bid Results 09/26/18 Actuarial Consulting Services
RFP-04-2019 Bid Results 09/19/18 Snow and Ice Removal Services 
RFP-05-2019 Bid Results 10/24/18 Risk Management Consulting Services
RFP-06-2019 Bid Results 10/31/18 Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)
RFP-07-2019 Bid Results 01/23/19 Water Meter Replacement and Installation Services
RFP-08-2019 Bid Results 03/06/19 Operation and Maintenance of Wastewater Treatment Facilities
RFP-10-2019 Bid Results 06/19/19 Laboratory Analytical Support Services
RFP-11-2019 Bid Results 04/17/19 Environmental Landscaping Services
RFP-12-2019 Bid Results 05/15/19 Pre-Employment Psychological Evaluation/Testing
RFP-13-2019 Bid Results 07/17/19 Planetarium Equipment Upgrade and Support
RFP-14-2019 Bid Results 05/29/19 Cisco Network Services and Equipment
RFP-15-2019 Bid Results 07/10/19 Cybersecurity Operations Center Services
RFP-01-2020 Bid Results 09/18/19 Consulting Services, Consolidated Plan for Howard County Department of Housing
RFP-02-2020 Bid Results 09/11/19 Home Delivered Meals
RFP-03-2020 Bid Results 10/30/19 Consulting Services for Housing Opportunities Masterplan
RFP-04-2020 Bid Results 09/18/19 Labor Relations Negotiation Services
RFP-05-2020 Bid Results 10/30/19 Website Redevelopment Services
RFP-06-2020 Bid Results 10/30/19 Fair Housing Testing, Office of Human Rights
RFP-07-2020 Bid Results 11/20/19 Security System and Access Control Services
RFP-08-2020 Bid Results 02/05/20 Homebuyer Education Workshops
RFP-10-2020 Bid Results 03/11/20 Health Management Database
RFP-11-2020 Bid Results 04/15/20 Custodial Services: Groups 1, 3, 4, & 5
RFP-13-2020 Bid Results 05/27/20 Disaster Donations Management Services
RFP-14-2020 Bid Results 07/29/20 Program Manager/Lead Instructor, Paramedic Pathways Scholarship Program
RFP-01-2021 Bid Results 10/07/20 Cafeteria (Snack Bar) Services
RFP-02-2021 Bid Results 10/07/20 Financial Advisory Services (Tax Increment Financing)
RFP-03-2021 Bid Results 10/21/20 Building Renovation and Repair Services
RFP-04-2021 Bid Results 10/21/20 Campus Microgrid and Combined Heat Power Design
RFP-05-2021 Bid Results 01/06/21 Case Management Services for the Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD) Program
RFP-06-2021 Bid Results 12/09/20 Special Bond, Tax and Tax Credit Counsel Services
RFP-07-2021 Bid Results 01/20/21 Branding and Public Health Awareness Campaign
RFP-08-2021 Bid Results 12/23/20 Landscape Maintenance
RFP-10-2021 Bid Results 01/20/21 Parking Meter Collection and/or Enforcement and Parking Citation Processing Services
RFP-11-2021 Bid Results 02/10/21 Cold Water Meters
RFP-12-2021 Bid Results 03/17/21 Residential Crisis Services/Mental Health (RCS) Program
RFP-13-2021 Bid Results 02/17/21 Other Post-Employment Benefits Trust
RFP-14-2021 Bid Results 03/31/21 Medical, Pharmacy, Medicare Advantage, Dental and Vision Plans
RFP-19-2021 Bid Results 07/28/21 Payroll and HR Technology and Services
RFP-04-2022 Bid Results 11/17/21 Workers' Compensation Counsel Services 
RFP-08-2022 Bid Results 12/15/21 Ellicott City North Tunnel Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR)




 * Please visit our ebidding portal PlanetBids to view bid results from electronic bids.

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