The Asian American & Pacific Islander (AAPI) Commission was established via legislation in 2022. Consisting of 24 members, the AAPI Commission hosts public bi-monthly meetings, advises the Howard County Executive on policy initiatives, and advocates for issues that impact the AAPI community. The Commission also organizes community cultural events and conducts informative discussions on emerging issues. Through its programming and outreach, it is the Commission's hope that they can foster deeper relationships between the Commission itself and the Howard County AAPI community at large. The Commission is dedicated to cultivating a safe and welcoming community where AAPI residents can feel seen, valued, and heard.

Asian American & Pacific Islander Workgroup Recommendation


Red flyer listing Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month events.

May 4th's Asia on the Creek has been postponed to June 1st. Please check the live links for up-to-date event information. 

Commission Information


Commission Members


The Asian American & Pacific Islander Commission is comprised of 23 members:

Name & Role (if applicable) Term Expiration
Dr. Lanlan Xu, Chair 3/6/2026
Dhaval Shah, Vice Chair 3/6/2025
Lily Peng, Corresponding Secretary & Student Member 6/30/2024
Sameer C. Ahirrao 3/6/2026
Koko Aiolupotea 3/6/2024
Misako Aoki 3/6/2025
Jin "JC" Chung 3/6/2024
Dr. Naresh C. Das 3/6/2025
Kimberly Eggborn 3/6/2026
Sanjay G. George 3/6/2025
Sanjeev Gholap 3/6/2024
Dr. Tomoko Hoogenboom 3/6/2026
Dr. Razia Kosi, Ex-Officio, Howard County Public School System No term limit.
Diane Li, Ex-Officio, Howard County Library System No term limit.
Saffiyah Gonzales Madraswala 3/6/2024
Dr. Khin Rupa Maung 3/6/2026
Madiha Rahimi 10/2/2026
Young Ran Smith 3/6/2026
May-Fong Tsay 3/6/2026
Jodie Wang 3/6/2025
Helen Won 3/6/2025
Dr. Yang Yu, Ex-Officio, Howard Community College No term limit.
Kui Zhao, Human Rights Commission Liaison 3/6/2024

Howard County Government Staff

  • Yolanda F. Sonnier, Office of Human Rights and Equity Administrator
  • Dr. Denise Boston, Executive Secretary
  • Joanna Chen, AAPI Liaison to the Office of the County Executive
  • Holly Hoang, Recording Secretary



Meeting Schedule


The Asian American & Pacific Islander (AAPI) Commission meetings are held on the second Tuesday of every other month from 5:30-7:30pm. All AAPI Commission Meetings are open to the public. Please see the Commission's meeting agendas for information on how to attend in person or virtually.

2024 Meeting Dates:

  • Tuesday, February 13, 2024
  • Tuesday, April 23, 2024
  • Tuesday, June 4, 2024
  • Tuesday, August 13, 2024
  • Tuesday, October 8, 2024
  • Tuesday, December 10, 2024

Meeting Agendas & Minutes




December 10th 

  • Agenda
  • Minutes

October 8th 

  • Agenda
  • Minutes

August 13th 

  • Agenda
  • Minutes

June 4th 

  • Agenda
  • Minutes

April 23rd 

February 13th




December 12th

November 7th – Special Meeting

October 3rd

September 13th – Special Meeting

September 12th – OHRE Commission Gathering

August 8th

July 11th – Commission Training

June 13th

April 11th

March 14th – Commission Orientation





July 14th

April 14th

January 13th




    October 14th

    July 8th

    April 8th

    March 12th

    February 25th

    Events & Reports


    Howard County AAPI Commission Pioneers Know Your Local Leaders Event

    Dr. Lanlan Xu, Chair of the Howard County AAPI Commission, provides brief remarks at their event, Know Your Local Leaders.

    The AAPI Commission hosted Know Your Local Leaders on Monday, October 23rd at Howard Community College's Horowitz Center. The event provided an opportunity for Howard County and Howard Community College community members to learn more about their local representatives and for elected officials to speak directly with constituents on issues impacting the AAPI community and Howard County as a whole. Civic engagement is critically important to making meaningful progress around equity, inclusion and social justice.

    Photos from the event can be viewed on Howard County's Flickr page here.

    Click the link below to access a report of the event in English.

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