On January 25th 2024 Howard County Executive Calvin Ball created through executive order the first-ever Interfaith Advisory Council, recognizing the crucial role of faith communities in addressing religious intolerance, hate, and social issues within Howard County. This Council aims to foster mutual support among interfaith groups, offer moral and spiritual guidance, and engage in dialogue and action on local concerns to enhance religious tolerance and support at-risk populations. By advising on issues of intolerance and coordinating services for residents facing homelessness, addiction, mental illness, and more, the Council seeks to bridge divides and serve all communities more effectively.

The Howard County Interfaith Advisory Council is not just an advisory body; it is a testament to our commitment to build bridges among faiths. It represents our collective resolve to confront intolerance, to end hate and to serve every member of our community with the dignity that they deserve. This council will play a pivotal role in enhancing the quality of life for all our residents and better connecting us all.

County Executive Calvin Ball

Council Information


Meeting Schedule


Once a month on the 2nd Thursday of each month.


Commission Members

  1. Rabbi Craig Axler
  2. Naresh Chandra Das
  3. Reverend Rafe A. Ellis, MA, MBA-OD
  4. Pastor Dewaine Frazer
  5. Rabbi Gordon Fuller
  6. Reverend Paige Getty
  7. Rabbi Jennifer Greenspan
  8. Rabbi Susan Grossman
  9. Pastor Tyrone Jones
  10. Reverend Dae Park
  11. Reverend Denise Schiavone
  12. Reverend Mary Sulerud
  13. Reverend Dr. Robert Turner
  14. Pastor Mandy Sayers
  15. Elder Gary Wimbish

Commission Responsibilities

  1. Consider the issues of hate and religious intolerance facing the religious communities in Howard County and make recommendations to address those issues
  2. Review and provide recommendations on best practices and strategies to address religious intolerance in the County
  3. Make recommendations to streamline and coordinate services among the religious institutions and with the County
  4. Submit a comprehensive report on the progress of the Council
  5. Advise the County Executive on major holidays and ways to recognize different faiths
  6. Make recommendations on how to better serve and equip faith institutions in the support of government services

Meeting Agendas & Minutes




Meeting agendas and minutes will be posted after the first meeting.

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