Howard County Zoning Regulations

The Howard County Charter and Code empower the County Council to adopt maps dividing the County into various zoning districts, each of which has certain regulations that govern the development and use of land within the district. The most recent Zoning Regulations were adopted on October 6, 2013 and set forth the uses that are permitted, not permitted or conditioned in each zoning district. Together, the Zoning Maps and Zoning Regulations serve to guide the proper growth and development of the County in accordance with the goals and policies of the General Plan.

Amendments to Zoning Maps/Zoning Regulations

Interactive Zoning Map

The various zoning district boundaries adopted by the County Council are shown on the official Zoning Maps, a set of sectional maps maintained by the Department of Planning and Zoning. These official Zoning Maps can be viewed online through the Interactive Zoning Map, at the DPZ offices, and prints of these maps can be purchased.

Historic Zoning Map

You can view the Historic Zoning Map to access eight decades of past zoning with historic aerial images. This application offers a comprehensive look at the zoning history of Howard County, spanning from 1951 to the present day. The historic zoning regulations are also provided below to allow cross-comparing of the zoning map districts and their corresponding regulations with year of adoption.

Zoning Regulations Historic Archive

The electronic copies below are for reference only:


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