LPWRP Biosolids Project

UPDATE March 18, 2020:

A summary of accomplishments since last update:

1.       All Phase 1 facilities were substantially complete in May 2019 and include the anaerobic digesters, thickened solids storage tank, digested solids storage tank, gravity thickeners, gravity belt          thickeners, phosphorus precipitation system, deammonification system, odor control system, and new electrical substation and motor control centers. 

2.       Solids storage silos were erected in October 2019.  Construction continues on ancillary equipment including discharge chute and conveyor system.

3.       Phase 2 solids dryer building structure and exterior were substantially complete and water-tight in November 2019.

4.       Odor control system foundation was poured and biofilters set in November 2019.

5.       Construction continues on dryer systems including conveyors, cake bin, belt dryers, and solids screening/classifying back-mix systems, access platforms, and final solids conveyors

6.       Construction continues on the control room and electrical distribution substation, switchgear, and motor-control centers. 

Facility commissioning will begin in July 2020 with Substantial Completion due in August 2020 and Final Completion due in October 2020.  

UPDATE January 11, 2019:

A summary of accomplishments since last update:

1.     Anaerobic digester facilities fully completed with all process mechanical systems installed and checked. 

2.     Digesters were seeded and put into services on October 16, 2018.  All digester tanks and waste gas flare were online by January 7, 2019 with all thickened waste solids being discharged to the digesters.

3.     Thickened solids storage tank rehabilitation was completed.

4.     Digested solids storage tank rehabilitation was started.

5.     Gravity thickener rehabilitation was completed and put into service.

6.     Pipe gallery work including piping and pump installation was ongoing.

7.     Installation of phosphorous precipitation reactor piping, chemical feed system, and electrical equipment was 90% complete.

8.     Deammonification system installation 90% complete.  Tanks were rehabilitated, pumps, mixers and piping installed, floating media installed, blowers and electrical instrumentation and controls were commissioned. 

9.     Natural gas utility work was completed and put into service.

10.  Road restoration was completed.

11.  New centrifuge polymer system was installed and put into service.

12.  Old lime stabilization system and building were demolished.

13.  Phase 2 – solids dryer building foundation work began. 

The project remains on track for completion of Phase 1 in July 2019 and Phase 2 in October 2020.

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