Dobbin Road Pathway

The goal of the project is to develop a shared use pathway along Dobbin Road from Oakland Mills Road to Snowden River Parkway and add sidewalks from McGaw Road up to Stanford Blvd. The shared use path will allow cyclists to safely travel along Dobbin Road and connect to a shared use pathway at Oakland Mills Road and along Snowden River Parkway.


The Dobbin Road Pathway Phasing Map shows the extent of each segment of the project.  This cross section shows additional project details.  

Key improvements include:

  • Shared use pathway along the east side of Dobbin Road.
  • New sidewalk segments on selected locations along the west side of Dobbin Road.
  • Signalized pedestrian crossings on Dobbin Road.
    Segment Status Funding Source
    Segment I
    Dobbin Rd - Oakland Mills Road to McGaw Road
    90% design is complete.
    Construction is anticipated to begin in FY2025, pending grant funding.
    Preliminary Design: Unified Planning Work Program (Baltimore Metropolitan Council)
    Final Design:  Transportation Alternatives Program (Federal) Construction: TBD
    Segment II
    Dobbin Rd - McGaw Road
    to MD 175
    Preliminary design is complete. Final design will be completed in FY2024.
    Construction is anticipated to begin in FY2025, pending grant funding.
    Preliminary Design: Maryland Bikeways Program (State)
    Final Design:  County Capital Project K5070
    Construction: TBD
    Segment III
    Dobbin Rd - MD 175
    to Old Dobbin Lane/Columbia Crossing Circle
    Completed in 2022. Preliminary Design: County
    Final Design:  County Construction: County
    Segment IV
    Dobbin Rd - Old Dobbin Lane/Columbia Crossing Circle
    to Snowden River Parkway
    This segment will be designed and constructed in the future. Preliminary Design: TBD
    Final Design:  TBD Construction: TBD

    Project Details

    2021 Public Meeting, Plans, and Feedback

    Community Meeting in 2015 

    A community meeting was held in January 2015. The presentation is available here: Dobbin Road McGaw Road Phase I Presentation

    Concept Design

    Concept Design Documents for Phase I from November 2014 are available for review.


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    Contact Information

    For further questions, please contact the Office of Transportation by email at or by phone at 410-313-4312.






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