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Shared Electric Scooter Permitting in Howard County

The Howard County Office of Transportation manages a process for permitting of shared electric scooter vendors to operate in the public right of way, similar to Baltimore City, Montgomery County and the District of Columbia.

  • Vendors can apply for a permit on an annual basis.
  • The enabling legislation for this permit process is CB 3-2020CR 78-2020, and CR 19-2024.
  • The Terms and Conditions for the permit can be viewed by clicking on TERMS AND CONDITIONS.
  • Shared electric scooter vendors who applied for a permit to operate in Howard County had to complete the requirements included in the PERMIT APPLICATION FORM.

For 2024, the following permitting schedule has been set:

Timeline for shared scooter permits in 2024


Howard County Office of Transportation

Chris Eatough, Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator



Scooter sharing vendors that are approved for operation in Howard County through the permit process will be listed with their contact information here after selection.

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