Project Dox

ProjectDox is a tool for plan submission, review, approval, and tracking using a paperless online system that allows parallel collaboration between agencies to review and markup plans, share comments and more easily identify potential conflicts and issues. ProjectDox offers automatic task notification and plan routing between the applicant and all review departments. It also incorporates tools to increase the effectiveness of the review process and reduce review cycle time. The use of ProjectDox is intended to result in a better product with less effort and time. 

All plan submissions, excluding pre-submission community meetings, require an owner's authorization and a professional review statement

Rolled up plans



Pre-Submission Community Meeting

Plan Submissions


Environmental Concept Plan


Environmental Concept Plan Application

Environmental Concept Plan Checklist

Simplified Environmental Concept Plan: The Simplified Environmental Concept Plan process is for projects that do not require a plat or site development plan: The Simplified ECP should be submitted as a .pdf file. The plan should generally meet the criteria listed in the ECP Checklist and shall contain sediment and erosion control, forest conservation, and stormwater management. This plan should be emailed to Jeff Pickett in the Development Engineering Division using the button below.


Preliminary Water & Sewer Plan



Planning Board Hearing


Special Subject


The "Special Subject" process is in response to frequent inquiries this Department receives to determine the appropriate process for obtaining approval to allow a nonresidential change-in-use, to make minor revisions or additions to an existing developed property, additions/changes to communication tower and electric power line facilities, plan revisions and all other general "special subject" inquiries. For more information or questions regarding the "Special Subject" process, please contact the Division of Land Development Planner-of-the-Day at 410-313-2350.


Street Renaming Application

Please contact Jeff Pickett with the Development Engineering Division at 410-313-2350 or by clicking "Email Jeff Pickett" below, regarding Environmental Concept Plan review fees, Soil Conservation review fees, and residential engineering review fees for final plans and site development plans.

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