In September 2020, the County established a partnership with the Howard County Public School System (HCPSS) and the Bright Minds Foundation to provide devices and mobile hotspots to students.

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Wi-Fi for Students

As students returned to in-person learning, the County worked with the school system to increase broadband capacity in school buildings to support a hybrid learning model. Howard County was able to provide a seamless learning experience for students, whether they were in-person or remote learners. Looking forward, Howard County has expanded the partnership to provide all internet services for the school system, including upgrading their broadband infrastructure. Howard County has also expanded free public Wi-Fi to 12 new locations around the region, including Long Reach Village Center, public libraries, parks, and fire stations, and will continue to increase the number of sites.

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Use the interactive map below to find the location of all Howard County's Public Wi-Fi Hotspot locations.

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