Trespass Tow Company Licensing

The Office of Consumer Protection is responsible for registering and regulating companies that tow vehicles from private property without the permission of the owner of the vehicle. Howard County Code Sections 17.600, et seq., commonly referred to as the "Trespass Tow Law," sets forth the registration and operation requirements that trespass tow companies must follow. 

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Trespass Tow Licensing Information


Licensing Requirements


Trespass tow companies must be registered with the Office of Consumer Protection (OCP) before any trespass towing can be performed in Howard County.  

To register, tow companies must provide OCP with:

  • A completed application form which can be emailed to [email protected] or mailed to the address on the form.
  • Its schedule of rates for the towing and storage of vehicles (not to exceed the maximum rates set by annually by the Howard County Council);
  • A copy of the current registration certificate issued by the Maryland Motor  Vehicle Administration for each tow truck operated by the company;
  • Proof of insurance coverage for each tow truck operated by the company;
  • Copies of the tow slips and receipts used;
  • A signed copy of the Tow Procedures acknowledging the company’s receipt and understanding of the procedures;
  • $150 license fee.

Towing Requirements and Prohibitions


The following information summarizes the actions required or prohibited by the Trespass Tow Law.  For more details, refer to the provisions of the Trespass Tow Law directly.

The tow service must have a signed contract with the owner or property manager of the property from which vehicles can be towed. 

The tow service and/or property manager must post warning signs on the property that include the following information:

  • Parking restrictions enforced on the property, including time and area restrictions;
  • A warning that unauthorized vehicles can be towed at the vehicle owner’s expense,
  • Name, address and phone number of the towing service,
  • Maximum fee that can be charged,
  • Statement that vehicles can be redeemed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and that vehicle owners can contact the Office of Consumer Protection at 410-313-6420.

Warning signs must be at least 24” tall and 30” wide and able to be read by motorists day and night. At least one sign must be visible from the parking area and at each entrance. If the parking area has more than 45 parking spaces, one sign must be posted for every 45 spaces; signs must be able to be read from each affected space.

Vehicles with valid handicapped license plates or properly displayed disabled person’s parking permits may not be towed from private property without the vehicle owners’ consent, unless the tow is authorized by a police, fire or rescue officer, or the vehicle is blocking a clearly marked fire lane or access to another vehicle, property or building.

If the owner of a vehicle returns after the vehicle has been attached to the tow truck but before it is towed, the owner may ask the company to release the vehicle.  The tow service must comply but may charge a release fee of no more than the amount set by the County Council.

The tow service must obtain authorization from the property owner or manager prior to towing each vehicle from the property. Towing companies cannot utilize "spotters" to look for unauthorized vehicles. An unauthorized vehicle may be towed without the express authorization of the property manager only if it is directly blocking a clearly marked fire lane or access to property or a building on the property.

Vehicles cannot be towed solely for failure to display a valid current registration sticker until 72 hours after a notice of the violation is placed on the vehicle.

The tow service must notify the Howard County Police Department (HCPD) of the tow within one hour of leaving the property. The Office of Consumer Protection (OCP) is no longer requiring secondary notification under §17.604. Notification to HCPD will satisfy notification requirements to OCP.

The storage facility used by the tow service must be located no more than 12 miles from the origin of the tow and must be open for redemption of towed vehicles 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The tow service's rates may not exceed those set in the County's fee schedule. The rates must be prominently displayed at the storage facility along with a sign that summarizes the vehicle owner’s rights and contains the telephone number of the Office of Consumer Protection.


Trespass Tow Companies Licensed in Howard County (2024)


Tow Company Name

Storage Lot Address

Phone Number

Acme Towing LLC      

10480 Guilford Rd. | Jessup 20794

(301) 617-4140

Automotive Support Services, Inc.

14618 Old Gunpowder Rd. | Laurel 20707 

(301) 489-2220

Hofmann Brother’s Towing, Inc. 

7808 Sandy Spring Rd. | Laurel 20707

(301) 725-0207

K&R Towing LLC                     

7927 Old Jessup Rd. | Jessup 20794

(410) 846-5056

Paladin Impound & Recovery LLC

7066 Kit Kat Rd. | Elkridge 21075

(443) 708-1747

Singhs Towing LLC

1015 Leslie Ave | Catonsville 21228

(443) 333-8697

Speed Kingz Towing

3521Whiskey Bottom Rd. | Laurel 20724

(240) 713-1208

The Auto Barn, Inc.

2125 W Lafayette Ave. | Baltimore 21217

(410) 362-0117

Treischman’s Lenny’s Towing    

7057 Kit Kat Rd. | Elkridge 21075

(410) 379-8004

USA Towing, LLC

1200 E Patapsco Ave. | Baltimore 21225

(443) 992-5362

Vision Wrecker Service, Inc.

5250 Fairlawn Ave. | Baltimore 21215

(443) 548 3995       

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