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This page provides important information for tanning facilities owners and the public. Please take a moment to review the contents of this page. If you have additional questions, contact the Health Department at 410-313-1773.

In 2009, The Howard County Board of Health enacted comprehensive tanning facility regulations. These regulations establish the minimum health and sanitation requirements for the operation of tanning facilities located in Howard County, Maryland. Owners of Howard County tanning facilities are required to register their establishments with the Health Officer and submit the required registration fees. Tanning facility owners must also use certain forms and keep certain records to comply with the regulations. The Tanning Facilities Program is responsible for enforcing the Howard County Tanning Facility Regulations. Find more information about the registration process and required forms below.


Tanning Facility Regulations


On November 10, 2009, the Howard County Board of Health voted to enact regulations pertaining to Tanning Facilities in Howard County, Maryland (referred to as Howard County Tanning Facility Regulations).  

Click here for a copy of the regulations as enacted.

An overview of the regulations appears below.

The Howard County Tanning Facility Regulations:  

  • Prohibits minors (those under 18 years of age) from using tanning devices in Howard County unless the minor has a prescription from a licensed physician  that indicates the nature of the medical condition requiring the treatment, the number of visits allowed, and the time of exposure for each visit.
  • Requires tanning facility personnel to check photo-ID to ensure the customer is not a minor.
  • Regulates the sanitation and hygiene practices of tanning facilities to protect adult customers
  • Requires customers to sign a warning statement before each tanning session
  • Requires warning signs to be posted in conspicuous areas
  • Requires tanning facility personnel to complete an industry approved training Permits the Health Officer to file a complaint with the Office of Consumer Affairs in response to certain false or misleading advertising and promotions
  • Provides that a person may file a complaint with the Health Officer if they think a tanning facility isn't following the rules
  • Requires tanning facilities to register their business with the Health Officer each year

How to Register Your Tanning Facility


Here you will find copies of forms and instructions required by the regulations. 

Tanning Facility Registration/Renewal Form

Tanning facility owners must register their tanning facilities with the Health Department and pay an annual registration fee. The registration must be renewed every year and there is a renewal fee. Your registration certificate must be displayed conspicuously in the tanning facility. 

Tanning Facility Registration Change Form

Tanning Facility owners in Howard County are required to submit this update form should any information submitted with their registration application change. The owner of the tanning facility shall submit this form within thirty (30) days of the change to stay in compliance. Do not use this form if you need to submit a new or renewal tanning registration application. 

Warning Statement

Every customer is required to receive and sign this warning statement before each tanning session. 

Warning Sign Instructions

Warning signs are to be conspicuously posted in locations visible to the public including any area(s) where a tanning device is used. Here are instructions you must follow should you choose to create your own warning sign to post. 

Sample Warning Sign

The Health Department has created a sample warning sign for tanning facilities to use. The attachment is formatted to print out on 11x17 sized paper.

Injury Report Form

Tanning facility operators are required to complete an injury report form should a customer file a complaint subsequent to using a tanning facility. This form must be used to record the report of injury.


Important Information for Tanning Facilities


The Health Department wants to work with tanning facilities to make it easy for you to comply with the new regulations. The tip sheets below should help to answer most of your questions.  

Tip Sheet - "10 easy ways to comply with the Tanning Regulations”  

Tanning Regulations - Frequently Asked Questions


Registration Fees


Here are the registration fees for tanning facilities. A copy of the required registration/renewal form is located in the “Forms and Instructions” section of this page.

Registration Fees for Tanning Facilities

Initial Registration Fee $80.00
Renewal Tanning Facility Registration $86.00
Duplicate Registration $11.00
Filing for Renewal after Registration Expires $72.00 + Renewal Fee

File a Complaint


The Howard County Tanning Facility Regulations allows a person who believes that a violation of the regulations has occurred to file a complaint with the Howard County Health Officer. The Health Officer or designee will investigate the complaint. You can either call the Health Department at 410-313-1773 to file a complaint over the phone or click on the button below to complete the online Complaint Form.

If you believe that you have been injured due to tanning device use (e.g., got a skin or eye burn, got hurt by the equipment, or slipped on the floor) the first thing you should do is file an injury report with the person-in-charge of the facility. Then you can call the Health Department at 410-313-1773 to report the incident.

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