Public Spaces Commission Report

Howard County’s Public Facilities and Spaces Commission has issued its report contextualizing the history of namesakes for buildings, parks, and other county-owned spaces. 

George Howard Building


The Howard County Public Spaces Commission was established by Executive Order in 2021 to review and contextualize the relevant history surrounding the namesakes of many facilities in our county.

The Commission will complete their work over the next eight months. Members of the commission will be responsible for:

  1. Reviewing the history surrounding the namesake for public facilities and spaces to determine if the namesake participated in or encouraged the oppression of African Americans, indigenous Americans, and other individuals of color and contributed to the history of systemic racism and similar biases.
  2. Report on named public facilities and spaces, including and not limited to:
    1. County-owned streets;
    2. County-owned buildings, including schools, libraries, and other facilities;
    3. County-owned parks;
    4. County neighborhoods; and
    5. Statues in County-owned parks.
    6. And recommend any names that should be changed, contextualized, or added for consideration to future naming of assets.

Commission Members:

  • Ani Begay
  • Dr. Denise Boston
  • Dr. Evelyn Cunningham
  • Allison Jessing
  • Kori Jones
  • Marcus Nicks
  • Dr. Robert Harris
  • Moya Panda Esq.
  • Nicole Paterson
  • Kelly Palich
  • Shawn Gladden, Chair
  • Tina  Ligon
  • Dr. Tara Simpson
  • Towanda Brown
  • Wayne Davis

Meeting Schedule

The Public Spaces Commission usually meets on the 1st Monday of the month at 5:30pm. Events are sometimes held Tuesday if Monday is a holiday.

Meeting Agendas & Minutes











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