Youth Fire Prevention and Intervention Program

Each year about 450 people are killed and $300 million in property is destroyed in fires attributed to children playing with fire.

The Office of the Fire Marshal, in partnership with other Howard County social and public safety departments, administers a Youth Fire Prevention and Intervention Program aimed at helping children with histories of starting fires. 

Children can enter the program voluntarily or by referral from a parent, social worker, or police officer. The first step is to assess the child, in order to determine the level of intervention needed. The child is then referred to the proper counseling, therapy, or residential placement.

To learn more about the program, please call 410-313-0JFS (0537).

Did you know...

  1. Children of all ages set over 100,000 fires annually. Approximately 25,000 of those fires are set in the home.
  2. Children make up between 20%-25% of all fire deaths.
  3. More than 30% of the fires that kill children are set by children playing with fire.
  4. At home, children usually play with fire in bedrooms, in closets and under beds.
  5. Too often, child fire setters are not given proper guidance and supervision. Consequently, they repeat their fire-setting behavior.

Learn more at the United States Fire Academy's web site.

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