The Office of Transportation has begun work on a project to design and construct shared-use pathway connections at the intersection of Hickory Ridge Road and Broken Land Parkway. A study was completed in 2020 to investigate multimodal connection opportunities between the Village of River Hill, Village of Hickory Ridge, and Downtown Columbia. This project will be derived from a some of the proposed improvements established in the 2020 corridor plan.

Project Details

The project is at the beginning of the design phase, and will include the following improvements:

  • Providing a 10-foot wide shared use path along eastbound Hickory Ridge Road between Martin Road and Broken Land Parkway.
  • Formalizing and improving the existing desire path from the Hickory Ridge Road / Broken Land Parkway intersection to the Columbia Association pathway to the south, to create a paved pathway.
  • Evaluating speed mitigation measures for the existing free-flow movement from Hickory Ridge Road  Eastbound to Broken Land Parkway Southbound, and providing a shared use path crossing to the channelizing island, if an island is retained.
  • Providing a shared-use path crossing of the west leg of Hickory Ridge Road at the Broken Land Parkway intersection, including pedestrian signalization.
  • Anticipating the geometric location of a future shared-use path crossing of the south leg of the Broken Land Parkway / Hickory Ridge Road intersection and designing all improvements to not preclude provision of a future crossing.
the review of scope for Hickory Ridge pathway project

Public Meeting and Input

A public meeting will be held to discuss the design of these improvements. The meeting will be scheduled for late 2024. Please subcribe to receive updates from the Office of Transportation on this project's public meeting and other news.

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