Change of Restaurant Ownership

A Food Service Facility License cannot be transferred from one owner to another when there is a change of ownership for an existing food service facility. A new license is needed.  A plan review process is required for the new owner (described in the materials below). It is important to notify the Health Department Food Protection Program (410-313-1772) of a change in ownership at the time of the change. 

Follow the links below to find step-by-step instructions, answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), fee schedule, and a packet of materials needed for submission to change ownership.  

Step by Step Instructions for Change of Ownership  

Change of Ownership FAQ

Fee Schedule

Complete Change of Ownership Packet

individual components available separately below:

Please note that the materials required for submission will vary depending on any changes planned with change of ownership. 

After you have reviewed the instructions, FAQs and packet, contact the Food Protection Program at 410-313-1772 with questions and to clarify specific documentation needs for your facility/situation.

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