Howard County Police now offer residents the convenience of filing an online police report for certain incidents: animal complaints, dumping complaints, harassing phone calls, fraud/identity theft, lost property, solicitor complaints, theft, theft from a shed or detached garage, theft from a vehicle, unauthorized use of vehicle, vandalism or vandalism to a motor vehicle. 

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NEW! HCPD now offers residents the opportunity to report concerning traffic situations throughout the county. Each report will be reviewed by a Traffic Enforcement Section officer to determine next steps. Report an isolated or recurring traffic violation(s) here.

Residents may file an online police report for the types of incidents listed above only if the following conditions are met:

  • There is no current emergency. If there is an emergency, call 911 immediately.
  • The crime is not in progress. If a crime is in progress, call 911 for emergencies or 410-313-2200 for non-emergencies (police, fire, EMS).
  • The incident has not already been reported by phone or in person to police. Do not file an online report if a report has been taken by phone or in person by a police officer.
  • The incident occurred more than 30 minutes ago. If an incident occurred fewer than 30 minutes ago, call 911 for emergencies or 410-313-2200 for non-emergencies (police, fire, EMS).
  • The incident occurred in Howard County. If the incident happened outside of Howard County, call the police department in the city or county where the crime occurred.
  • There are no known suspects. Exceptions: Residents may file online police reports for harassing phone calls and unauthorized use of a vehicle whether or not the suspect is known. (A suspect is "known" if you or a witness knows the suspect or where to find him/her or knows the license plate number of the vehicle the suspect was in.)
  • There are no witnesses who observed the incident or who could provide information leading to the identity of the suspect. (A witness is someone who actually saw what occurred and/or who can provide information, details or a description of the incident, suspect or suspect vehicle.)
  • There is no evidence or fingerprints for police to collect.
  • The incident is not a hate or bias crime. (A hate or bias crime is an act that appears to be motivated or is perceived by the victim to be motivated all or in part by race, color, religious beliefs, national origin, ethnic background, sexual orientation or disability.)

If the incident met all of the above conditions, you may file a report online. Before filing an online report, be sure to turn off pop-up blocking software.

WARNING: Filing a false police report is a crime and will be prosecuted.

Click here to begin a report. You will be provided with a temporary tracking number until your report has been approved and issued a permanent report number.


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