From concept to construction, the Bureau of Engineering is committed to quality project management of Howard County's Capital Improvement program. Projects include: bridges, parks, roads, sidewalks, storm drain systems, water and wastewater facilities.

Bureau of Engineering

Our role with the developer sector includes quality control of construction methods and materials, to allow dedication of facilities into the public system.

Our staff consists of engineers, surveyors, inspectors, technicians, and administrative support members, working together to ensure sound planning, design and construction inspection of the County's capital and developer projects.


Daniel L. Davis, P.E.
Chief, Utility Design Division (Water/Sewer)
Brandon N. Love, P.E.
Chief, Transportation & Special Projects Division
Edward Siegert, Prof. L.S.
Chief, Survey Division
Design Manual
Grading Permit
Right-of-Way Permits
Sediment & Erosion Inspection
Survey Control
Department / Office

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