We need YOUR help to make Howard County safer when it snows!

In the winter, fire hydrants often become covered by snowfall and/or plowing operations. In an emergency, every second counts. When a hydrant is blocked, hidden, or hard to find due to snow and ice, it slows down the fire department’s response. 

Fire engines carry a limited amount of water, only enough for the first few minutes of the initial fire attack. When firefighters can’t find a hydrant due to snow, it costs time, which could make the difference between someone living or dying.

That’s why we need YOUR help. 

How to Adopt a Hydrant

By adopting a hydrant in your community, you’re making the county safer for everyone. Through the “adoption process,” you’ll make a pledge to make sure that a hydrant in your community is clear and visible for first responders, particularly when it snows. 

You’ll need to clear a three-foot area around the hydrant to make sure firefighters can both see and quickly access the hydrant, along with a small cleared pathway from the hydrant to the street.

To submit an application to adopt a hydrant in Howard County, click here.

Apply to Adopt a Hydrant




  • All fire hydrants are the property of the Howard County Bureau of Utilities. Do not paint, personalize or change the appearance of the fire hydrant!
  • Be careful when clearing around the hydrant, including remaining cautious of vehicle traffic nearby. 
  • Do not stand in the street and be careful not to slip and fall out into the roadway.

Help Spread the Word

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