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We usually find out about possible health or safety problems when someone from the community gets in touch with our Howard County Community Hygiene Program to let us know about the issue. When we get a report about something that seems unhealthy or unsafe, one of our Environmental Health Specialists will look into it to decide if we need to do something more.

If you have worries about the environment, like trash or mosquitoes, or if you're concerned about your health, reach out to us at 410-313-1773.

Report unsafe or unhealthy conditions in Howard County

nuisance is any condition that poses an actual or potential threat to health, or other health-related concern. If a nuisance condition exists, the Health Department may require the owner or occupant of a property to take action.

Please note: If you think you got sick from eating spoiled or bad food, get in touch with our Bureau of Environmental Health Food Protection Program right away at 410-313-1772. If it's after our regular hours, leave a message with your name and phone number so we can call you back as soon as we are back in the office..

Important information

If you decide to use this online form, we'll need your contact details, like your name and phone number, to check your complaint. An inspector might contact you to get more details. We won't reveal who made the complaint while we're investigating. You can also report the problem by calling us at 410-313-1773.

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