Report a Concern

Often the only way we are aware of potential health or safety risks is when a citizen contacts our Howard County Community Hygiene Program to report a concern. Upon receipt of a report of unhealthy or unsafe conditions, an Environmental Health Specialist will investigate to determine whether further action should be taken.

If you have concerns related to the environment (e.g. trash, mosquitos) or your health, contact us at  410-313-1773 or you may send an email to [email protected].

Report unsafe or unhealthy conditions in Howard County

NOTE: If you believe you have an illness related to eating bad food or food product, please call our Bureau of Environmental Health Food Protection Program immediately at  410- 313-1772.  After business hours, leave a message with your callback information.

nuisance is any condition that poses an actual or potential threat to health, or other health-related concern. If a nuisance condition exists, the Health Department may require the owner or occupant of a property to take action.

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