Bureau of Utilities - Maintenance and Repair Division

The Bureau of Utilities Maintenance and Repair Division consists of the Construction Maintenance and the Program Maintenance Divisions and is responsible for the maintenance and repair of Howard County's public water and sewer system that serves the eastern half of the county.

This system consists of approximately:

  • 1,096 miles of water mains.
  • 1,020 miles of sewer mains.
  • 10,300 fire hydrants.

Our staff also maintains and monitors :

  • 10 elevated water tanks.
  • 13 water pumping stations.
  • 32 sewer pumping stations.

Our commitment to the development, maintenance and operation of the public water system ensures the high quality of water service and fire protection that our customers demand.

Responsibilities of the Program Maintenance Division include:

  • Sewer backup investigation.
  • Sewer main and service camera inspection
  • Sewer main and service cleaning
  • Sanitary Sewer Overflow response, mitigation, and cleanup
  • Sewer right of way inspection and maintenance.
  • Water main valve inspection and exercising.
  • Fire hydrant maintenance and repair.

Responsibilities of the Construction Maintenance Division include:

  • Repair water mains and water services.
  • Repair water main and service valves.
  • Repair/Replace water main and service valve boxes.
  • Repair sewer mains and services.
  • Maintain post-utility repair landscaping and roadways until permanent restoration is complete.


Bureau of Utilities - Water Main Breaks

Among our responsibilities that lead to a stable, quality water system for Howard County, the timely repair of water main breaks is a priority.

In 2020, the Bureau of Utilities repaired 143 water main breaks. We sincerely appreciate your patience when such inconveniences arise in your area.

If you notice water coming up out of a road, curb and gutter, or other area, please avoid the location as the water may have caused unsafe undermining of the surface. Call us at 410-313-4900 to report the situation and we will respond immediately.

A pop-up window charting the
Annual Water Main Break Totals
in Howard County for the previous decade.

Superintendent:  Scott Baucom

Location: 8270 Old Montgomery Rd. Map
Hours of Operation : Monday - Friday, 6:00 a.m. to 3:00p.m.
Emergencies : Radio dispatched response, 24 hours a day.
Phone : 410-313-4900 - Fax : 410-313-4989

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