The Commission shall submit an annual report of the status of the County employees' and Police and Fire employees’ retirement plans to the County Executive and the County Council. The County Council shall review and accept by Resolution the annual report submitted by the Commission. The Commission shall also review and comment on all legislation related to the County's retirement plans.


Scheduled periodically by mutual agreement of the Commissioners.  

Date   Agenda  Minutes  
 December 9, 2019  click here  click here
 January 27, 2020  click here   click here
 June 26, 2020  click here   click here
 June 30, 2020  click here  
January 15, 2021 click here  

Annual Reports:

Current Commissioners:

VACANCY                                 TERM EXPIRES 10/1/2021

Mitchell W. Stringer                   TERM EXPIRES 10/1/2022

Jae Chon                                   TERM EXPIRES 10/1/2023 

Dave Jordan                              TERM EXPIRES 10/1/2024

Lou Hutt                                     TERM EMPIRES 10/1/2025

Commissioners serve a 5-year term.  Members are appointed by the County Executive and confirmed by the County Council. 

All must be residents of Howard County and knowledgeable about pension administration and funding.


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