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Our office provides centralized procurement services on behalf of all County departments, with integrity and transparency, through innovative and cost-effective best practices. We promote responsible stewardship of County resources and ethical use of taxpayer dollars, encourage participation from diverse and local businesses, and foster broad competition through a fair and open process to obtain the highest quality goods and services.


The Office of Procurement and Contract Administration shall foster a diverse workforce and vendor community, motivated by integrity and teamwork, to procure goods and services that increase operational readiness, embody innovative technology, enhance mission performance and drive efficiency and effectiveness.

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Resources & Programs
Current Contracts

Check the listing of current contracts by clicking below. Call us for more information about an existing contract.

Bid Opportunities

Check for bid opportunities by clicking on Current Solicitations below. Information is posted on this site as quickly as it becomes available, so check often!

The County is utilizing PlanetBids, an electronic bidding system, for some of our procurements. PlanetBids (PB System) is provided at no cost to all interested businesses. The PB System allows suppliers to self-register online and to receive automated email notifications of solicitations for goods and services pertinent to their business. The PB system allows registered suppliers to download bid documents, receive addenda, submit electronic bids, and view bid results. You will find more information on the PB System by clicking on Current SolicitationsThe County will post solicitations on the County's website, PlanetBidsor both. Suppliers are encouraged to check the County's Current Solicitations regularly and to register on PlanetBids. 

NOTE: Selecting the accessibility mode will ensure that users of assistive technologies have full and equal access to all aspects of the website.

If you have any difficulty registering online or require reasonable accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act, please contact the Technical Support personnel by clicking the Help link or by contacting PlanetBids.

Searchable Expenditures

The Howard County Expenditures database is a public database which allows citizens of Howard County and visitors to search and view summary information on payments made to vendors that received $30,000 or more for the respective fiscal year. Information is currently available for Fiscal Years 2010 to current. 

Monthly Virtual Classes

The Office of Procurement and Contract Administration provides educational resources to advise and guide Local Howard County based businesses and EBO (Minority, Women-owned and Disabled-owned Business Enterprises) through the procurement process, vendor registration and how to get certified in the Howard County Local Business Initiative and Equal Business Opportunity (EBO) Programs.

Veteran-Owned Business Enterprise Program (VOBE)

The Veteran-Owned Business Enterprise Program (VOBE) is designed to foster participation by Veteran-Owned Business Enterprises in the County’s procurement process.

The program includes an overall aspirational goal of 1% of the County’s total dollar value of procurement contracts to be made directly or indirectly with Veteran-Owned Business Enterprises.

For the purposes of the Veteran-Owned Business Enterprise Program, a Veteran-Owned Business Enterprise (VOBE) is defined as a business enterprise that is verified by the Center for Verification and Evaluation of the United States Department of Veterans Affairs as a Veteran-Owned Small Business Enterprise.

To qualify, veteran-owned businesses must be verified by the Center for Validation and Evaluation of the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.  For more information on verification visit http://www.va.gov/osdbu/.

To search the database of business enterprises that are verified by the Center for Verification and Evaluation of the United States Department of Veterans Affairs as a Veteran-Owned Small Business Enterprise visit  https://www.vip.vetbiz.va.gov.

Equal Business Opportunity

Howard County is committed to creating a more diverse and inclusive business environment. Recognizing an active program of research, technical assistance, and procurement from Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs), Women Business Enterprises (WBEs) and Disabled Business Enterprises (DBEs) is essential to the realization of progressive social and economic development goals, Howard County encourages and promotes participation by MBEs, WBEs and DBEs in its procurement process through the Equal Business Opportunity (EBO) Program.

The EBO program regulates that 20% of the County's total dollar amount of all contracts be awarded directly to Minority, Woman-owned and Disabled-owned Business Enterprises (MBE/WBE/DBE) firms during each fiscal year. This includes consulting services, construction, professional services, and other procurements for goods and services. The Program also sets a subcontracting goal of 15% when a contract value is $50,000 or more annually. Certified MBE/WBE/DBE prime contractors can count 100% of the work they self-perform on contracts with EBO subcontracting goals.

Requests for assistance with this program should be directed to Mahesh Sabnani, EBO Coordinator, by phone at (410) 313-3694, or by email at [email protected].

Local Business Initiative

Local businesses in Howard County are a pivotal driver in our local economy. Whenever possible, Howard County procurement dollars should be spent to support the local businesses that serve as a strong pillar in our economy.

Howard County is committed to creating a competitive and balanced economic environment within the County by ensuring community growth through the Local Business Initiative. The goal of the Local Business Initiative is to promote the growth and success of local businesses and to increase the percentage of County procurement dollars flowing to local businesses. Under the Local Business Initiative, County Departments and agencies are encouraged to select local businesses when purchasing goods or services that are under $10,000.00. 

For purposes of the Local Business Initiative, a local business is defined as an applicant that maintains its principal place of business in Howard County. If your business meets this eligibility criterion, and you are interested in certifying with Howard County as a local business, please complete the Local Business Initiative Certification Application using the link below.


Local Business Initiative Certification Application and Directory

In order to fill out the Local Business Initiative Certification Application, or to search our database of certified vendors please click here. When searching the database, select Local Business Enterprise (LBE) as the certification type in your search criteria.

Surplus Property

Surplus property is sold through online auctions at Public Surplus. To view all items currently for sale, click here. All items are sold to the highest bidder and payment is made via PayPal.

For further information, please call the Office of Procurement and Contract Administration at 410-313-6370 or email [email protected].

Disclaimer: All equipment and items are sold "as is", "where is", and "with all faults, if any" as detailed in the Terms and Conditions listed on the auction website. Online auction services are provided through contract with Public Surplus, LLC.

Bid Results

* Please visit our ebidding portal PlanetBids to view bid results from electronic bids.

Vendor Guide

This guide is designed to assist you in understanding the basic procedures of centralized purchasing in Howard County Government. Howard County welcomes vendors to do business with the County and will provide any assistance and information that may help you to better understand our procedures.


QPPD Accreditation: Quality Public Procurement Department

QPPD Accreditation: Quality Public Procurement Department

The Office of Procurement and Contract Administration holds re-accreditation from the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing, Inc. through June 2024. Accreditation requires the Office of Procurement to evaluate its performance in areas such as authority, cooperative purchasing, audit, property management, standardization, automation and e-commerce every three years.

NIGP QPPD Accredited
Achievement of Excellence

Achievement of Excellence in Procurement

As part of the ongoing accreditation process, the Office of Procurement and Contract Administration was again awarded the National Procurement Institute’s Achievement of Excellence in Procurement award for the twelfth consecutive year by the National Procurement Institute (NPI). The award is earned by demonstrating excellence in innovation, professionalism, productivity, e-procurement and leadership attributes of the procurement organization.

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Dean P. Hof, CPPO
Procurement Administrator
Priscilla H. Kung, CPCP
Deputy Procurement Administrator
Jennie Rittenhouse
Senior Contract Analyst
Alexandrea Shaw, CPCP
Procurement Card Program Administrator
Kristi Sica
Administrative Support Technician III

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In preparing this material, every effort has been made to ensure that the information provided is correct. The information is being provided as a public service and Howard County assumes no liability for any inaccuracies that it may contain.

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