Howard County Boards and Commissions play an important role in fostering citizen involvement in our government. County Boards or Commissions cover a wide variety of topics ranging from the environment, fire and rescue services and cable, just to name a few. Board or Commission members advise various County personnel on specific matters for which they are an expert. In some instances, Board or Commission members recommend or comment on legislation, budget items or other important policy changes. Also see the County Council Boards and Commissions further down the page.

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Application Process

    Interested applicants should email Paul Thompson at [email protected], and include the name of the board and commission in the subject line.

    Applicants should include their home address and contact information in the body of the email and attach a current resume and brief letter explaining why they want to serve on the board and what qualifications they may meet. Applicants are asked not to include their contact information, i.e., home address, phone number(s) and email address, in their resume and letter of interest.

    The names of eligible applicants will be submitted to the County Executive for consideration. If selected, the appointment will be forwarded to the County Council for their review and confirmation.

    Redacted Resume and Letter of Interest Instructions

    A requirement to Apply to Serve on a board or commission is including your redacted resume and cover letter. Personal information collected throughout the application process is used for internal verification purposes only. However, the redacted resume and letter of interest may be made public through the County Council process.

    Therefore, the following instructions help us protect your privacy and expedite the process:

    Redacted Resume

    • Should include: your name, relevant experience
    • Should not include: home address, phone number(s), email
    • You may choose to include or exclude specific details such as cities or sales numbers at your discretion. 

    Letter of Interest

    • Brief letter explaining why you want to serve and how you see yourself contributing. 
    • Please indicate which qualification you may meet. 

    If you have questions or concerns regarding these instructions, please email [email protected]. Our team is happy to assist you. 


    Citizens who commit to serving three year terms as a volunteer on a board or commission play a vital role in ensuring diverse lived experiences and expertise remain a central component of Howard County government operations. 

    Each board and commission has different and specific functions. However, all board members and commissioners are responsible for attending meetings (ranging from biweekly to bimonthly) and fulfilling the purpose and duties as outlined in the County Code

    Responsibilities can include proposing recommendations to the County Executive and County Council, improving the effectiveness and efficiency of county processes, and ensuring Howard County remains the best place to live, work, and play. Some responsibilities even include key funding decisions that require a Financial Disclosure Statement to ensure fairness. 

    Please learn more about each board and commission by exploring their webpages linked below. People who are high school-aged and older are all welcome to serve. 

    Government Boards & Commissions

    County Council Boards

    For more information on Council Boards and Commissions, call 410-313-2395.

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