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Bureau of Education and Training

The Bureau of Services was established in 1974 in Ellicott City and was tasked with the responsibility of training for the Howard County Fire Department.The Bureau/Division continued to expand and occupy locations such as George Howard Building, Hickory Ridge, Cooksville and Clarksville.


Today the Bureau is tasked with the responsibility of developing, managing, implementing, and documenting all training for both career and volunteer operational personnel within the Department of Fire and Rescue Services. This Bureau is further responsible to verify, process, and document all qualification, certification, and standards training for operational personnel. 

The bureau is located at the 46-acre James N. Robey Public Safety Training Center (PSTC) in Marriottsville, Maryland.The PSTC is home to both the Howard County Department of Fire and Rescue Services and the Howard County Police Department Education and Training sections. The facilities provide classrooms, simulation buildings, simulation props, and designated training areas for use in educational programs for Howard County and other public safety personnel. There is also a large conference room available to host a range of meetings, seminars, and conferences.

There are several props available on the campus that allow for realistic scenario and simulation training.The Kidde Fire Simulation is computerized, propane driven, fire simulation structure that will allow for simulation of Class A firefighting in four rooms, and includes space for simulated operations to include standpipe evolutions, ladder evolutions, electrical investigation, and other operational simulations.The building requires a knowledgeable simulator technician to be present when being utilized for fire simulation, in addition to other ignition officers and personnel to ensure safety and comply with department policy and NFPA guidelines.Additionally, outdoor props are available to provide live-fire simulation, including a grill, automobile, compressed gas cylinders, and Christmas tree.

An additional Fire Grounds classroom building that houses an additional classroom (able to be used by students in protective gear), a rappelling and rope rescue prop, an indoor training area that can facilitate group practical training in foul-weather and the Candidate Physical Test (CPAT), and elevator training prop, and storage of instructor protective gear, and air cascade, and other critical training equipment.

The Bureau of Education and Training is certified by the following agencies:

Accredited Training Review Agency

Delegation of Authority thru National Professional Qualifications Board

Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Program – ALS/Paramedic Program Accreditation

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