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David Force Natural Resource Area

Address: 2995 Pebble Beach Drive, Ellicott City, MD 21042

Phone: 410-313-4700

Hours: Sunrise to Sunset, or as posted

Directions: Google MapsPDF

This park was funded in part by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Program Open Space Grants.

Here is a 221-acre natural resource area that is relatively undisturbed. This area is allowed to remain as an important forested area to protect water quality, provide habitat for wildlife, and support recreational hiking and nature observation.

This site is sandwiched between Interstate 70 in the north and US Route 40 to the south. The main entrance is located on the southern edge of the property off of Pebble Beach Drive in the Community of Turf Valley. The area surrounding is mostly residential and Turf Valley Country Club is positioned to the north and west of this location. There are no restroom facilities at this site.

“Howard County has a multitude of natural resources that add to the County’s character and it is imperative that they are protected to help maintain the high quality