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Parks & Planning

Howard County offers its citizens regional, community, and neighborhood parks containing sports facilities, recreation areas for picnics, and scenic outdoor trails for hiking and exploring. Nearly all Howard County public parks have playground areas, but we also have several stand-alone playgrounds that are not located within a traditional park. We also have an off-leash area at Worthington Park for the enjoyment of four-legged citizens accompanied by their owners.

Bears and Wildlife Precautions: The spring and early summer are a wonderful time to get outdoors and enjoy the sounds and sights nature has to offer, but also be vigilant of bears and other wildlife.

We have trees on the Maryland and Howard County Champion Tree Lists. Click here to see locations of these award-winning trees. To learn more about the champion trees contest and how to nominate a tree, visit the Howard County Forest Conservancy website.

Howard County Garden Plots

Join the Columbia Gardeners and grow your own fresh veggies, fruits, flowers and herbs. Visit our garden plots!!


This includes park land, open space and natural resources regulations.

View our 2017 Land Preservation Parks and Recreation Plan

Program Open Space
Project Name Grant Name

Board of Public Works Award Date

Elkridge School Recreation Area Acquisition 3/5/1971
Atholton School Recreation Area Acquisition 11/30/1970
Northfield-Dunloggin School Acquisition 8/30/1971
Savage Area Park Development 3/13/1972
Ellicott City Park Development 7/31/1972
Pfefferkorn Park Pfefferkorn Property Acquisition 9/15/1972
Murray Hill Park Acquisition #1  
Centennial Park Recreation Area Development #1  
Benson Branch Park Acquisition #1 7/10/1973
Troy Park Development #1  
Rockburn Branch City Park Acquisition #1 9/5/1974
Rockburn Branch City Park Acquisition #2 1/23/1975
Centennial Park Acquisition #2 11/21/1974
Benson Branch Park Acquisition #2 7/23/1973
Robinson Nature Center    Acquisition 4/2/1975
Harper's Choice Community Park Acquisition 12/31/1976
Murray Hill Park Acquisition #2 6/9/1976
Schooley Mill County Park Acquisition 6/8/1977
High Ridge Park Acquisition 6/27/1978
Brinkleigh Neighborhood Park Development 10/1/1979
Atholton Neighborhood Park Development 10/1/1979
Centennial Park Development #2 10/1/1980
Brampton Hills Park Acquisition  
Centennial Park Development #3 11/10/1981
Gorman Area Acquisition  
Warfield's Pond Community Park Acquisition 2/23/1983
Waterloo Park Acquisition 2/4/1983
Brampton Hills Park Acquisition 4/11/1984
Robinson Nature Center Acquisition 4/24/1985
Howard County Land Preservation & Rec.Plan - FY1989 7/27/1988
Hammond Community Park Acquisition 8/10/1988
Allenford-North Farms Park Acquisition 8/10/1988
Rockburn Branch City Park Doyle Property Acquisition 9/7/1988
Holiday Hills Park Acquisition 10/18/1989
Rockburn Park Rezai Property Acquisition 10/11/1989
Patapsco River Greenway Acquisition 10/11/1989
Patapsco River Greenway Settlers Landing Acquisition 11/1/1989
Patapsco River Greenway Southern Property Acquisition 10/11/1989
David Force Park Pedicord Property Acquisition 2/3/1993
Alpha Ridge Park Development 2/12/1992
Howard County Land Preservation & Rec.Plan - FY1995 5/11/1994
Western Regional Park Allen Property Acquisition 6/8/1994
Robinson Nature Center    Madigosky Property Acquisition 2/8/1995
Patapsco River Greenway Tisano Property Acquisition 11/29/1995
Roger Carter Neighborhood Center Development - Phase I 2/8/1995
Rockburn Park Thompson Property Acquisition 5/30/1996
West Friendship Park    Pedicord Property Acquisition 5/30/1996
Murray Hill Park Collins Property Acquisition 5/30/1996
Dayton Park Freeman Property Acquisition 5/30/1996
Warfield's Pond Community Park Development 11/27/1996
Western Regional Park Gray & Allen Properties Acquisition 2/5/1997
West Friendship Park Pendleton Property Acquisition 7/14/1999
Smith Farm Acquisition 8/5/1998
North Laurel Community Park Acquisition 1/13/1999
Holiday Hills Park Development 1/5/2000
Western Regional Park Development Phase 1 7/5/2000
Centennial Park Zaiser Property Acquisition 7/5/2000
Meadowbrook Park Development 7/19/2000
Murray Hill Park Lash Property Acquisition 7/19/2000
Troy Park Rorabaugh/White Property Acquisition 7/19/2000
Rockburn Park Gizinski Property Acquisition 2/27/2002
Troy Park Troy Hill Business Park Partnership 2/27/2002
Robinson Nature Center Robinson Property Acquisition - Instlmnt #1 1/8/2003
Troy Park Struck Property Acquisition 9/22/2004
Howard County Land Preservation & Rec.Plan - FY2005 12/15/2004
Manor Woods Park Ireland Property Acquisition 12/14/2005
Patuxent River Greenway Scaggs Property Acquisition 1/3/2007
Ellicott City Open Space Ryan Property Acquisition 10/31/2007
Font Hill Park Harkins Property Acquisition 9/12/2007
Patuxent River Greenway Heffelfinger Property Acquisition 10/31/2007
Manor Woods Park Herzog Property Acquisition 10/17/2007
Patuxent River Greenway Houchens Property Acquisition 11/28/2007
Robinson Nature Center Design and Construction 12/12/2007
North Laurel Community Park Ayers Property Acquisition 12/12/2007
Patapsco River Greenway Dobbin Property Acquisition 2/13/2008
Patuxent River Greenway Iager Property Acquisition 8/20/2008
Howard County Land Preservation & Rec.Plan - FY2011 4/2/2008
Patapsco River Greenway Lewis Property Acquisition 5/6/2009
Patapsco River Greenway Chaconas Property Acquisition 5/6/2009
Troy Park Nickel Property Acquisition 5/6/2009
Patuxent River Greenway Zirn/Collins Property Acquisition 5/6/2009
Howard County Land Preservation & Rec.Plan - FY2012 3/7/2012
Patuxent River Greenway Salas Property Acquisition 12/5/2012
Blandair Regional Park Development Phase 1 2/6/2013
Kiwanis Wallas Park Sullivan Property Acquisition 5/14/2014
Belmont Manor Historical Park Drell Property Acquisition 9/3/2014
Troy Park Construct Active/Passive Recreation Facilities 12/17/2014
Ellicott City Colored School Sands Property Acquisition 4/1/2015
Patuxent River Greenway Masback Property Acquisition 1/6/2016
Howard County Land Preservation & Rec.Plan - FY2016 4/27/2016
Belmont Manor Historical Park Johnson Property Acquisition 10/4/2017
Troy Park Development Phase 2 and 2A 3/7/2018
Howard County Land Preservation, Parks & Rec. Plan - FY18-22 6/20/2018
Patapsco River Greenway Downey Property Acquisition 7/19/2018
Blandair Regional Park Development Phase 3 12/19/2018
Troy Park  Development Phase 2A - separate number




Community Parks and Playgrounds Grants
Rockburn Park Playground Upgrades 8/7/2002
Cedar Lane Park Playground Upgrades 1/5/2005
Lisbon Park Playground Equipment 8/9/2006
Blandair Regional Park Design and Construction 10/3/2007