Howard County aims to create a premier Public Garden destination featuring beneficial flowering native and non-native plant species from multiple regions for visitors to develop a greater understanding of and appreciation for the value of plants to sustain human life and a healthy environment. It will feature sustainable practices used to build and maintain the Public Garden, showcasing the County’s commitment to environmental stewardship.

The Public Garden will serve as gathering place for all to deepen their connections to nature, thereby improving their physical and mental well-being. It will be a place of cultivated beauty that mixes a variety of landscape design styles within formal and natural settings to create rich and diverse ways to interact with plants.

We also anticipate the Public Garden will serve as a hub for lifelong learning so the community can connect to plants and to each other through engaging classes, camps and garden events.

The Focus Group’s recommendation towards the garden’s preliminary concept plan is due to the County Executive and the Department of Recreation & Parks by November 1, 2024.


The following individuals were selected to serve and consist of experts and resident volunteers who will assist in the planning process surrounding the Public Garden. All member terms expire December 1, 2024.

  • Meg Boyd
  • Bonnie Bricker
  • Chiara D’Amore
  • Janssen Evelyn
  • Greg Garin
  • Peggy Hannon
  • Deeba Jafri
  • Richard Jones
  • Lisa Marini
  • Christine McComas
  • Liz O’Brien
  • Stephanie Oberle
  • Gregg Petersen
  • Jay Polaki
  • Lauren Turner

Department Staff

  • Nick Mooneyhan, Director, Recreation & Parks
  • Kimberly Pruim, Superintendent, Special Projects, Recreation & Parks, and Administrator to the Focus Group
  • Scott Munroe, Park Planner, Landscape Architect & Project Manager, Recreation & Parks

Meeting Agendas & Minutes



Date Agenda Minutes
5/22/2024 Coming Soon

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