Other Miscellaneous County Billing
This division is responsible for the invoicing and collection of various funds due to the county. These invoices may be for services rendered by county personnel; Recreation & Parks monthly rent due to the county, property damage, and in some cases grant reimbursement requests. 

Individual departments send their request for billing, attaching backup documentation. Department of Finance creates a manual invoice billing the party requested. For example, Joe Smith damaged a Fire Hydrant on 1st Street. The Police Report, along with repair details is sent. Department of Finance is responsible for creating an invoice to Joe Smith in the amount referenced, showing all parts and labor to repair the damaged fire hydrant. 

Mail payment to:

Department of Finance
PO Box 2748
Ellicott City, MD 21041-2748

Make check payable to: Director of Finance, Howard County

Questions regarding billing should be directed to the Miscellaneous Billing Division at (410) 313-3258, fax number (410) 313-3293.