Retirement Plan Committee

The Howard County Retirement Plan and the Howard County Police and Fire Employees' Retirement Plan are administered by committees made up of designated employees as outlined in the County Code.  The committees hold joint meetings throughout the year.  Below is a list of the scheduled meetings for the current fiscal year.



Date    Agenda  Minutes
January 28, 2016      click here        click here
February 24, 2016      click here          click here   
March 31, 2016    click here     click here
April 28, 2016                click here        click here
May 26, 2016      click here        click here
June 23, 2016      click here    click here
July 28, 2016    click here  
September 29, 2016    
October 27, 2016    
December 2, 2016    

The agenda will be available 5 business days prior to the meeting.

Minutes will be posted following Committee approval at the next meeting.

See "Events and Meetings" tab for the location and starting time of each meeting.