Columbia Downtown Housing Corporation (CDHC)
The Columbia Downtown Housing Corporation (CDHC), serves as the Downtown Columbia Housing Foundation as per Title 28, Subtitle 2 of the Howard County Code.  CDHC is organized specifically to fulfill the vision of the Downtown Columbia Plan for a full spectrum and diverse mix of housing in Downtown Columbia, including affordable housing that will ensure low, moderate and middle- income families will have an opportunity to live in Downtown Columbia.

CDHC Committee Members

Patricia Sylvester, President              

Gregory Fitchitt, Ex-Officio

Bruce Rothschild, Secretary

Bethany Hooper, Treasurer

Jeryl Baker                                                                             

Jolly Burks

John DeZinno

Christopher J. Fritz

Gary Garofalo

Pastor Mary Ka Kanahan

Leonardo McClarty

Peter Morgan

Russell Snyder

Reverend Dr. Robert Turner

Annual Reports