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The Department of Finance serves many different customers. This includes residents, businesses, other County agencies, taxpayers, homeowners, County employees, retirees, bond holders, and investors. 

Providing excellent customer service, is a key goal in the Finance Department's Mission Statement and includes giving compassionate, friendly and efficient service at all times. The purpose of this web site is to assist our customers to quickly find current and accurate information; however, we continue to encourage phone calls, correspondence or in-person visits to the Finance Department to resolve any issues or take care of business. 

Use the following links to access additional information regarding services provided by the Department of Finance:

Mission Statement

General Information including hours of operation, maps and directions

Contact Information including emails and phone numbers for various services

Financial Information including Audit Information, Bond Information, Municipal Advisor Disclosure and Investment Information

Accounts Payable Information including …

Billings & Payment Information including Real and Personal Property Tax, Water & Sewer Billing, Miscellaneous Billing, Recordation Tax, Tax Credits and Tax Sale

Financial Forms including Account Payable, County Obligations "Lien Certifications" and Tax Sale Forms

Frequently Asked Questions