Roadway Maintenance Division

Roadway Maintenance is the largest division of the Bureau of Highways and operates out of three separate shops:

  • Cooksville - West Zone
  • Dayton - Central Zone
  • Mayfield - East Zone

The Roadway Maintenance Division is responsible for:

For non-emergency situations, please feel free to use the Tell HoCo app. If any situation requires immediate or urgent attention, please call Highways during regular business hours (Monday through Friday, 8am through 5pm) or the Police Department at 410-313-2200 during off hours or holidays.  Do not use the Tell HoCo website during an emergency.  Highways cannot guarantee an immediate response to concerns submitted through the website.

For more information or assistance contact the Bureau of Highways:

Phone: (410) 313-7450
Fax: (410) 313-7260

*Driveway permits are free of charge.  A permit is needed if changes will be made to the driveway footprint. Highways staff will inspect the proposed driveway plans and confirm that the changes are in accordance with County Code.  Permits are not required for regular repairs and maintenance to the existing driveway.

**Please note, regular sidewalk maintenance is generally the responsibility of the abutting property owner, per the County Code. The Bureau of Highways is responsible for sidewalk repair if there was damage due to the roots of County-owned street trees, or if damage occurred during a County utility project.