The Capital Projects Division also heads up pavement preservation, repavement and roadway resurfacing.  This is an ongoing effort to keep all the roadways owned by Howard County functioning at their best within the given constraints.  

Roadways are surveyed, scrutinized and prioritized with various metrics to prioritize this work.

MIlling for Resurfacing

Frequently Asked Questions - Road Resurfacing


When will a particular road be repaved?


County roads are assessed on a yearly basis by qualified Highways staff, and are graded for safety. Any road in need of resurfacing goes on a repair list, pending available time and funds.


Why was gravel put down on a section of road?


Chip seal is a pavement treatment that combines layers of asphalt with layers of fine aggregate. The treatment is used to protect road surfaces and repair cracks. It is a cost effective tool used to extend the life of the pavement, increasing the amount of time until the next repaving and saving taxpayer dollars. The road may be temporarily rough and dusty after a chip seal, but this should pass after several days and the community will be left with a safer road surface.

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