Miscellaneous Bill Fee Disclaimer

Welcome to the Howard County Miscellaneous Bill Payment portal.
This portal allows online payment of various types of Miscellaneous Bills from Howard County including Landfill Billing, Rental Meter Billing, Shared Septic Billing, Fire Inspection Billing, Tower Leases, Broadband Billing, Senior Plus Program Billing and many others.
To use this portal you will need the 7 digit account number (which begins with a “2”) on your bill and the 5 digit Zip Code to which your bill is mailed.  Once you create a user name and password, you can return at a later time to pay future bills on the same account.

Payments for Real Property Tax, Personal Property Tax, Water Sewer, Red Light, Speed Cameras, False Alarm, Parking Tickets, Inspections, and HCPD Special Permits each have their own portal which you can access by clicking the appropriate link above.

Govolution charges a convenience fee of $1.50 for e-check per transactions, $3.95 for VISA Consumer Debit per transactions, 2.45% for all other debit and credit card transactions for payments of Howard County Miscellaneous Billing. These are automatically added during your transaction.

Payment by credit card does not give Howard County Government access to your credit card number. That information is retained strictly by Govolution.  Govolution takes full advantage of internet security in the handling of your credit card information.

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