The Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) workgroup advises the Howard County Executive on policy initiatives and advocates on issues that affect the Asian American and Pacific Islander community. Consisting of 18 members, in addition to the honorary chair, Maryland State Senator Clarence Lam; AAPI hosts public quarterly meetings and presents biannual reports. AAPI organizes cultural events and has informative discussions on emerging issues. It is with the hope that these conferences will foster stronger relationships between the AAPI and the community. The workgroup is dedicated to creating a safe place where AAPI residents feel valued and heard in the community.

Asian American and Pacific Islander Recommendation Policy

Workgroup Information
Workgroup Members
  • Ning (Richard) Li, Co-Chair
  • Jodie Wang, Co-Chair
  • Mabrooka Chaudhry, Health, Wellness & Safety Chair
  • Young Smith, Government Access & Community Engagement Chair
  • Marianne Brackney
  • Liang Chen
  • Robert Kapono Correia
  • Kimberly Eggborn
  • May Fong
  • Anwar Hasan
  • Eugenia Henry
  • Samiyah Hira
  • Zo Tum Hmung
  • Ashley Hou
  • Rejaul Karim
  • Matthew Lee
  • Will Lee
  • Soo Park
  • Pravin Ponnuri
  • Devang Shah
  • Sue Song
  • Sanjay Srivastava
  • Charley Sung
  • Bob Zhang
  • Michael Zhao
  • Corporal Kyu Lee


Howard County Government Staff

Yolanda F. Sonnier, Office of Human Rights and Equity Administrator

Wanda Cao, Investigator

Meeting Schedule

AAPI Workgroup meetings are held quarterly on the second 2nd Thursdays of the month. 

Meeting Agendas & Minutes


July 14th

April 14th

January 13th


    October 14th

    July 8th

    April 8th

    March 12th

    February 25th

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