Risk Management Frequently Asked Questions

I have damage and/or sustained an injury from a Howard County vehicle, property or employee, is there an incident report form that I can fill out?

Yes. To report an incident to Risk Management for investigation, fill out and print the form below and mail it to the Risk Management Office along with any other important information relative to the incident.

NOTE: This form is only for reporting damage or injury when it involves damage to you/your property resulting from Howard County property, vehicles, or employees. To report vandalism or other public acts of violence or damage, please CLICK HERE to be redirected to the Howard County Police Department website where you can file an online police report.

What other information should I include with my incident report?

It depends on the nature of the incident. A letter of explanation or the Citizen Report Form for County-Related Incident with your signature is necessary.

If there is damage from the incident, it is good to include an estimate or invoice of the repair/replacement. Sometimes pictures are helpful to better explain the situation.

Where do I send my incident report?

You can mail it to: Howard County Risk Management Office, 6751 Columbia Gateway Drive, Box 303, Columbia, MD 21046 or fax it to: 410-313-6399

Why can't I email my incident report to the County?

At this time, incident reports are only accepted by fax, through mail or in person. This is to avoid emails being accidentally filtered to a junk email folder and creating a delay in the processing.

How long does it take for the investigation to be completed?

In general, we ask that you allow at least 2-4 weeks for the investigation. However, more complicated incidents can take more time for review and consideration. We appreciate your patience and will contact you as soon as we have reached a decision.

My mailbox or other property was damaged by a County snow plow. Who do I report that to?

  1. Contact the Highways Department at 410-313-7450 to report the damage right away and before repairs are made. Do not wait until after the snow melts.
  2. Read the County's Snow Removal Claims Policy
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