Howard County Circuit Courthouse

Public-Private Partnership (P3) Project

Courthouse Project

Howard County Executive Calvin Ball broke ground on the new Howard County Circuit Courthouse on June 24, 2019. The 238,000 square foot facility will be completed through a public-private partnership, the first for Howard County, and resolve deficiencies in the existing Courthouse, which was built 175 years ago and has numerous safety challenges that impact access to justice.  The new Courthouse is scheduled to be completed in July 2021.  While work is underway, questions and concerns about the construction process may be directed to:

Michael Cornell
Senior Superintendent / Site Supervisor
Clark Construction Group, LLC
7500 Old Georgetown Road
Bethesda, Maryland  20814-6133

Phone 301-272-8100

Howard County Circuit Courthouse Project Update Newsletter, Winter 2020


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County Executive Ball Breaks Ground On New Circuit Courthouse

  • read the press release here
  • watch the video of the groundbreaking here

To read about the history of the Courthouse project, renderings and documents, click here.


Previous Updates

Progress update for week ending 5/15/2020

Circuit Court for Howard County - progress update for week ending 5/15/2020:


Work Performed:


  1. Continued Parking Garage Concrete Slab-on-Grade
  2. Continued Masonry Walls Area B & C – Level 1 & 4
  3. Continued the erection of Courthouse pre-cast panels – South Elevation
  4. Continued ceiling plumbing rough-in Area A & B
  5. Continued ductwork rough-in Area A & B
  6. Continued ceiling electric rough-in Area A & B
  7. Continued metal studs Area A & B – Level 2, 3, & 4
  8. Continued sprinkler rough-in Area A & B
  9. Continued installation of punch windows – South Elevation
  10. Continued installation of Curtainwall – South Elevation
  11. Continued Exterior Caulking at Windows
  12. Started Roof installation prep Area C


Work Next Week:


  1. Complete Concrete Slab-on-Grade at Parking Garage
  2. Continue Masonry walls Area B & C  – Level 1
  3. Continue the erection of Courthouse Pre-Cast Panels – South Elevation
  4. Continue plumbing, ductwork, sprinkler and electrical ceiling rough-in Area A & B
  5. Continue metal studs Area A & B
  6. Continue the installation of punch windows – South Elevation
  7. Continue the installation of Curtainwall – South Elevation
  8. Continue Exterior Caulking
  9. Start the installation of Roofing Area C








General Site Photo

Parking Garage

Parking Garage

Courthouse – Level 4

Courthouse – Level 4

Courthouse – Atrium / Lobby

Courthouse – Level 4

Courthouse – Level 3