Sponsorship Opportunities Coming Soon!

Howard County Recreation & Parks has a wide variety of sponsorship opportunities that will help you get involved with the community. 

  • Special Events Packages
  • Concert Packages
  • Nature Packages
  • Indoor/Outdoor Banners
  • T-shirts & Promotional Materials 
  • Naming Opportunities

For more information, please contact Anna Hunter at ahunter@howardcountymd.gov.

Memorial & Gifts Program

Sponsored by Howard County Recreation & Parks, the Memorial and Gifts Program allows for the donation of trees, benches, recreational equipment, and scholarships for a monetary contribution as memorials to honor family, friends, colleagues, and loved ones.  

For more information about the Memorial & Gifts Program contact Shawnté Berry at sberry@howardcountymd.gov.

Memorials & Gifts Brochure

For more information about Howard County’s recycling initiatives, visit 

Memorial Tree & Bench Program

Trees and benches purchased through the program are planted and placed in county parks. Donors work closely with the Howard County Recreation & Parks staff to determine the ideal location for your memorial.

Memorial Tree Program
The cost of the tree program is $500 per tree.  (Fee is subject to change.)

The tree species, location, and planting date are at the discretion of the Recreation & Parks Department. Trees are planted during the fall and spring planting seasons, but they may be ordered at any time. Trees ordered from April 1 through October 15 are planted in the fall. Trees ordered October 16 through March 31 are planted in the spring.  

Howard County Recreation & Parks guarantee the health and vigor of trees for a period not to exceed three years from the date of planting. The Department replaces any damaged memorial tree within a one-year period.  

Tree memorial plaques are available at certain park locations upon request and at an additional cost. The type of plaque available depends on the site and is at the discretion of the Park staff.  Please discuss your preference with the park staff in which you will work with.

Memorial Bench Program
The cost of the bench program is $2,000 per bench. (Fee is subject to change.)

The Recreation & Parks Park Manager assists in choosing the location of the bench. The park benches are of a predetermined style and cannot vary. A standard plaque is placed on memorial benches and the name of the loved one will be inscribed on the plaque. The cost of the plaque is included in the bench program fee. The plaque allows for forty (40) characters (including spaces). However, for an additional fee, twenty (20) characters can be added to the plaque.   

Bench installation depends on the time of year received and the number of preceding orders. The Department makes every effort to install benches within three to six months of your order. Once a bench is installed, the donor receives notification.  

Note: There are no longer bench locations available at Centennial Park. The Recreation & Parks Department may limit other locations as needed.

Water Fountain with Bottle Filler Donation Project